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Leave Maumoon alone and mind your own business.

It's been a little while since I have not been able to blog. Today I just felt to make a post after watching the Majlis . During these two weeks I got a chance to watch almost every session of the Majils . I found it more disturbing than interesting. Every member seems to be more interested to make a bit of campaign for the upcoming election and if any time left, to promote the party they support. Then comes the interesting part. Almost every member who does not belong to DRP seems to be very much keen to attack the former president Maumoon . In every sitting I saw waves of attacks on Maumoon and his 30 year regime, the corruptions of Maumoon , the expensive government, the family government and anything and everything about Maumoon . Let me make it very clear that I am not a supporter of Mr. Maumoon . Indeed I too was looking forward to see a day this country gets a new and fresh leader. And I am glade we got a leader like Mr. Nasheed (Anni) who sacrificed so much to bring democ

Eid Mubaarak

I wish all the muslims a very happy Eid, and pray God for mercy to all muslims.

smell of democracy

Now I think I do am getting the smell of democracy after so much of hoping. Just few hours back the first home minister of Mr. Nasheedh cabinet has resigned. First of all I have nothing personnel about Mr. Gasim. Yet, I do believe that this was a right turn in the Maldivian politics. Reason is very simple. It is we who have been claiming that the business people getting involved with the government senior jobs is not in real interest of the people who are very much in need of a democracy. In the first place itself I never believed that Mr. Gasim becoming the home minister was a good idea. Maybe this was a setback for Mr. Gasim in his dream to become the head of this nation. However it is true that his resignation should come after the events that had folded. There is no single means to accept the "improper behaviour" either from the Police or the MNDF. And there should be no excuse to allow it either. I welcome this move of resignation as a step taken in the path of democracy

Might or Right

I often wonder if we are thinking by our own or by others. Very often I see that what we do is not necessarily the right but we make it as right because they have the might to do so. All these days we (if not all many) thought that Mr. Ibrahim Nasir had done wrong! Indeed we did even demonstrate against him. We said he killed innocent people in Huvadhoo. At that time for us it was right because he who had might said he was bad and a culprit of killing. Suddenly last week we heard from the powerful people once again that he was right. We said he brought independence to us and laid the foundations of our social and economic development. So he was good this time because the powerful people said he was such a hero. This is the case with many aspects in us. Think of the taxi prices. Few months back when the drivers increased the taxi charges we said it was right as they had no other option due to increase in fuel prices. True. But now that the prices came down and now they say they can’t b

New terms

This time I present a list of few terms that we came across and got familiar during the political changes that our country saw. Guess this will be just a good idea to recall these once again. 1 . Isthiufa- Before the political changes started most of the time this word will be heard from the International news, except a rare case where a minister resigns. 2. Golhaabo- This I heard was a nick name given in Huvadhoo Atoll for a person who steals Toddy from the coconut palm at night. 3. Nizaamee Nuguthaa- This was so famous among us, I wonder if any wife ever stopped her husband from divorcing her using a Niazaamee Nuguthaa!!! (Point of Order). 4. Membalhun - comments. 5- Postmortem / autopsy- We got friendly with this term after late Hussain Solah case. 6. Madhanee Basneyhun- Something I never imagined in Maldives till I saw it. (civil disobedience). 7. Civil society - ............ 8. Commission- example: Civil Service Commission, Human Rights Commission. 9. Int

DO And DON'T for Anni

Today the fourth president of this country will be taking the office. All these days we had been struggling to get rid of a regime that held its power for three long decades. Now that a new president is coming ... I give a warm welcome to our new president Mr. Mohamed Nasheedh ... well in advance. I thank the outgoing president for at least accepting the defeat and moving away smoothly. Yet, that is not all that I wont to say. Since Mr. Nasheedh is going to be leading the nation form tomorrow onwards I better talk of him rather than wasting my time talking about the "history." I'd put it as a DO and DON'T Mr. Nasheedh, our president.............. DO: 1. Do fulfill your promise to rule on us with honesty, dignity and love. 2. Do bring the necessary changes to your cabinet and show us the "Quality Cabinet" (not the present party interest cabinet) that you promised. 3. Do try to make the Maldives Police Service a part of the Civil Services. 4. Do bring

Mr. Nasheedh(Anni) divided the cake

Today we saw the Mohamad Nasheedh's (Anni) cabinet been announced. There seems to be an equal distribution to every member of the coalition as expected. 1. Minister of Home Affairs: Qasim Ibrahim 2.Minister of Finance and Treasury: Ali Hashim 3.Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr. Ahmad Shaheedh 4.Minister of Islamic Affairs: Dr. Abdul Majeedh Abdul 5.Minister of Defence and National Security: Amin Faisal 6.Minister of Economic Development: Mohamad Rasheedh 7.Minister of Health and Family: Dr. Aminath Jameel 8.Minister of Economic Development: Mohamad Rasheedh 9.Minister of Tourism: Dr. Ahmadh Ali Sawaadh 10.Minister of Human Resources, 11.Youth and Sports: Hassan Latheef 12.Minister of Housing, Transport and Environment: Mohamadh Aslam 13.Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries: Dr. Ibrahim Didi 14.Minister of Civil Aviation and Communication: Dr. Mohamadh Jameel Ahmad 15.Attorney-General: Diyana I would like to add just my view about this. This will surely be the best cabinet that we s

My dhivehi blog މަގޭ ދިވެހި ބުލޮގު

Its been around 100 days since I started blogging with blogspot. So, now I guess I should blog in Dhivehi too. So here is my Dhivehi blog which I tried to make as good as I could. Hope my Dhivehi blog too will be progressing day by day.

The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon. (4)

Development is what everyone looks forward to. It is the dream of every person, family, society and nation to develop in one way or the other. However, achieving development is easier to be said than done. Read the story fully before you judge the story. This country is experiencing one of the very important historical changes. After a long three decades of rule by a single person, we are going to see a new president soon on 11Th November 2008. Surely this is a result of a lot of hard work. A fruit we got from a long waiting and by the toiling of several Maldivians. In the process have we got the lessons that are to be learnt? As far as I believe, the best achievement we Maldivians got in this process of change is to get the right to express ourselves. And this is something that we can never afford to lose. Are we however using this right properly? Do we enjoy this freedom as we should? I really doubt about it. Of cause there are reasons for me to say so. We

Anii Just SHUT UP Your Mouth!!!

Yesterday the Maldivian High Court reported that the case against the president elect Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) was rescheduled because he did not turn out. This became a very annoying news for many Maldivians. Especially for people who tried so much to see that he wins the election. For them it will be very much disturbing when they see him been dragged to the courts even after been elected as a president. Indeed, many says the case should be withdrawn. I disagree. Let me tell you the reasons. 1. All these days we were saying that Maumoon was above the law. If so, even after experiencing the toughness of that regime, are we going to keep Anni also above the law??? That's insane. 2. If Anni is the president of the Maldives, he will be the president of mine too as I too am a Maldivian. I had enough of a dirty background regime. At least go to court and prove that he is not guilty of a wrongdoing. Whats the big deal in it??? 3. Anni always promised to be "at the reach of the peopl

Thank you....Mr. Maumoon.

Today is a very historical day for the Maldives. Today's sun raised with the good tiding to many(not all) Maldivians that the president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has lost the run off election with Mr. Mohamed Nasheed (Anni).Of cause it is a heart breaking news for people in favor of Mr. Maumoon who ruled this country for 30 years. As I came home from dawn prayer, I did hear many people saying "eid mubaarak", as though they got a real Eid. Tell you the truth, I too didn't vote Maumoon and even I was looking for a change. But as I see the time for change arrives, I just wonder about something. We always say we are 100% Muslims. We feel proud to say we are Maldivians. We feel strong in saying we are brothers. Here I share with you a very small story that a maths teacher told while I was in grade 9. hmmm 8years it goes There were four friends, Somebody,Nobody,Everybody and Anybody!!!Now... There was a task to be done. if SOMEBODY did it, EVERYBODY could have got

Cheating God...

This Friday, I attended a funeral at Aasaharaa. There I came across a so called "funeral custom" that many Maldivians often practice, which I found very odd. According to our (Muslim) religious believes, the person after his/her death will be questioned. Hey I am not going to say I don't believe in that!! I have some other problem. As the coffin was covered, and the burial was getting over, the Imam who was leading the funeral did something on which we have a very different belief. Indeed I'd say a stupid belief. This Imam reads out or recites a Dhuaa (prayer) to the dead body. It's ok. But that’s not the problem. The problem is how we do it and what we believe towards it. As Muslims we believe that the person will be asked some questions. So we try to cheat God by giving the answer to those questions. Huh... the angel is asking questions to the slave of God, and the other slaves of God are mocking the angels by mimicking the answers. Oh this sounds ridiculous!!!

i report 2008 election experiences

I got a chance to wear the "official card" and be part of the process of voting. Let me share few things I came across. I applied to give a helping hand in this historical election via Faculty of Education (FE)as they put a nice advertisement asking to use this golden opportunity. Though they put an advertisement, they dealt with it in a very irresponsible and unprofessional manner. The many forms that students of FE filled were held without submitting to Elections Commission in FE till the due date passed.hmmm guess a good step towards democracy from our going to be university. So i got a chance to join on the evening of election day. Anyway...i went to Dharubaaruge at 19:30 ON 8TH Oct. First few hours for eating drinking and yea...toilet too... Then came the time..we were asked to go to elections commission. Its was to take a polling booth to Villingili( Villinmale' according to them). There I saw everything in jeopardy. We were asked to take a polling box and two pol

Eid Mbaarik.......divided or united?

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims. May Allah bless Muslims with forgiveness and happiness. Eid is meant to be showing the solidarity and unity among Muslims. But I wonder if we see it in that way. For every Muslim fasting is during the month of Ramadan and Eid at the end of Ramadan. However for some of the Muslims, today is Eid where as for the others tomorrow is Eid. Is this really the way it should be? will the Muslims always be celebrating our Eid on different days. Will we see a day Muslim Ummah celebrate Eids on a single day, showing ourselves as united rather than divided? Eid Mubarak once again.

My brand new experience...

Last night I had to travel to Sri Lanka for a medical treatment. Now this is just a simple thing right? But for me, this became a very different experience. I am talking about having to travel and stay in the airport during the month of fasting. Checking began at 16:30 so I was there at 17:00. The plane was scheduled to take off at 19:30. This means that when the sunsets at 18:02 we all will be inside the airport. So what do you expect? The break fast will be available or if not provided right.. Yea! That is what even I was expecting, been a Muslim and belonging to a so called 100% Muslim country. Yet, what I saw was very different. "There is no arrangement for it." They said. huh. But there is no arrangement to send us out of this jail too. So we went to the famous "departure restaurant." To my surprise the answer was even more wonderful. In one side we see the prayer call from TVM, and on the other side we were kindly informed that they will not take any orders ev

A boycott request...

Great news Hope you all know about the Denmark newspaper who made fun upon our loving Prophet and till now they never regret. let us make them regret for all time. The Denmark ambassador, prime minister and Denmark channel they all try to do something just to stop the boycott made by Muslims last month, by which their losses has reached to 2 billion Euro. If we continue to boycott Denmark products after 7 months it could reach around 40 billion Euro's destruction. Believers do not let this message stop in your PC. Please copy this text and forward this text to as many Muslims as possible..... I ask u, as Muslims... Can't u spare 15 minutes in order to spread this message among Muslims ...ASAP? 7up drinks-LEGO - Cadburry chocolates -Hall Chewgums any product with barcode no. starting with 57 Plz convince all Muslims to circulate this around the Globe to the whole Muslim ummah to ban Danish made products. 'Some lessons are best learned by experience.....' {this is a mail

Party System or Zaathee System??

Kon party eh? Kaakah vote dhenee? These are the questions that we hear everywhere in Maldives these days. The election time is getting nearer. This will be the first multiparty election this country will see. There are 10 political parties registered in Maldives so far.{1} There are six candidates representing six different political parties and two independent candidates. But my question is very short and simple. Are we ready for multiparty system? At least do we know what a multiparty system is? To tell you the truth I see something very different. If I am to name the political situation of our country right now, I’d call it a Zaathee System rather than a Party System.  There are reasons for me to say so:  1. The candidates are attacking the opponents in a very personnel manner. The funny part of it is that whenever they attack someone they give a super excuse. “I am not telling this because I have anything personnel with……. But because this is the truth.” Truth is no excuse fo

The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon. (3)

Development is what everyone looks forward to. It is the dream of every person, family, society and nation to develop in one way or the other. However, achieving development is easier to be said than done. Ramlhaan… time to eat and play Hey!!! Ramlhaan Mubarak to all of you . This is the month that brings the big change to our life. We feel hungry. We pray our prayers. There is no place left in the mosques. We play so many games. We sleep so late and get up so late. We make kadaas on our roads (kadaas I mean the small tables that are kept on the road and used to sell things, often by kids). We even have so many ramlhaan Ihthifaalhs. That’s not all. So many TV and radio programs like roadha kurukurun and the list can’t be finished even. This is how it is. Let’s turn it another way. Is this how it should be? I don’t think so. I think just like many things that have gone off the track, even our dealing with the ramzaan. Very often we are keen to label ourselves as the 100% Muslim country.

Gaasim's speech. Simply failed

Yesterday night we saw the official launch of presidential candidate and the famous business man, Mr. Gaasim Ibrahim. I did notice something in his speech. When he started his speech he attacked the members who accuse him of been working for his own self interest. He said:- އަޅުގަނޑުގެ ވަރަށް ބޮޑު އަމިއްލަ އެދުމެއް އެބައޮތް. އެއެދުމަކީ ދިވެހިރައްޔިތުން އެދޭ ބަދަލުތައް ދިވެހިރައްޔިތުންނަށް ގެނެސްދިނުމާއި ތިޔަބޭފުޅުން އެދިވަޑައިގަންނަވަމުންދާ ތަފާތު ކަންތައްތައް ހާސިލްކޮށްދިނުމާއި އަދި ރާއްޖޭގެ ރައްޔިތުންގެ ތެރެއިން ކަންތައްތަކަށް ދަތިވެފައިވާ, އުނދަގޫވެފައިވާ މީހުންގެ ދަތިތައް ފިލުވައިދިނުން Here Mr. Gaasim says something that I like to know more about. “ amilla edhun ” so I went to radheef in check it out. When I checked it, unfortunately it didn’t go much in favor of Mr. Gaasim. It says:- ހަމައެކަނި ތިމާޔަށްމޮޅުވާގޮތް ހޯދުމަށް އެދޭ އެދުން If so, is Mr. Gaasim going to be a president of our country? Can you really eat bread so that my hunger will go away? Or is it just like many says,

Worst mistake

I have been reading Jazeera online since I came to Male’ on January 2008. As someone who hopes to be in journalism everyday I try to keep commenting Jazeera in the same name as by blog ( alif laam gaaf) . As a result it has become almost like my habit to read almost all the articles every day. Here I would like to share with you the worst mistake I have seen so far in the newspaper. Today there was an article about OPEC oil supply. It says…”OPEC ge theluge supply mimahu ithuruvaane elhumun.” (އޯޕެކް ތެލުގެ ސަޕްލައި މިމަހު އިތުރުވާނެ އެޅުމުން ) Yes! That’s the exact quote of the topic. I was wondering what on earth should be added!! I think it should be something like this: - OPEC ge theluge supply mimahu ithuruvaane ……………… elhumun. Maybe you can fill the blank. Had I been the given the chance to do it, I’d surely add my favorite DhiFM News, Addu Bondi, rihakuru, Onion, and of cause some Nippon paint to make it colorful. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you will add to this. Hope I

Slipper Lock of 21st Century ( A real one)

Tonight I went to Masjidhul Bahaaudheen ( Maaveyo Miskih) for the Maghrib prayer. Just before I entered the mosque, my eyes caught something. So thought to share with you my very unusual experience of seen a slipper locked like a baggage locked for a journey. So me and two of my friends took a photo. And here it is. I wonder what will be the comments that I get for the post!!! Maybe it reflects the situation of our country or maybe it could even mean an "act of a different guy". just lets see dho:) I thank my two friends who helped me.

An Open Letter to President Maumoon.

To: The President of Republic of Maldives Dear Sir, I am not a member of your political party (DRP), and am not a member of Civil Service or even any other political parties. I am neither a writer, nor someone good in writing or fluent in English. Yet, as a citizen of the country I do believe I can write a letter to you in the way that I can and sent to you in the way I am able to. I politely apologize to you as I will not be able to write as nicely as the resource editor of DRP sponsored Hamaroalhi Mr. Ahmed Nihaan Hussain Manik did. Mr. President. As you are more aware of than me, there are just two schools in this country where Arab language is been taught. And these two are in the capital Male’. Since my parents are not from Male’, I was living and studying in my home island, Addu atoll Hithadhoo. The