24 July 2009

One Year of blogging.

Today, its been one year since I joined blogger. I first found a blog from my brother who I guess now is more interested in photos and Flickr. After that a close friend of mine who keeps her blog a little hidden I guess:)

Now, that one year has past...I feel I did achieve my targets. Very honestly, I expected to reach 1200 hits within a year to my blog, yet I am glade to see around 4200 hits, which I feel is OK for someone who started to write very recently. Also there are 12 blogger who follow my blog. I believe the best achievement of mine in blogger is not deleting the comments. So far I only deleted one comment which was due to the fouls language used. I got the most hits as well as most comments to "Anni Just SHUT UP Your Mouth"

I am glade that there are regular readers of my blog. I thank all of you who reads and comment my blog.

I don't often ask for comments, yet today, in this 70th post of mine, I would like to request to your ideas and comments on my blog.

How is my blog? What needs to be corrected? What is to be included? What is that which needs to be removed? And most important, what is your view on the posts?

Hope to get a good response.
I also have opened a poll to see how you rank my blog, as the readers are the ones who best could judge my performance.

( as a friend of mine told me, some who don't use blogspot finds it difficult to comment, I think this will help out)

22 July 2009

A Humble Request to the Government and Parliament

Our nation have for the past many years been taking a leading role in the issues of the environment. Today we, the Maldives have successfully introduced to the world another ideology of joining the human rights and environment as one.

"Smoke is not good for your health. Avoid smoking… In case you can’t, please do not throw cigarette stubs around. It takes more than 200 years for a cigarette filter to be decomposed by nature. By then turtles and other nosy animals will have eaten them and suffered a horrendous death because of it. Set an example, whether you are on the beach or a dive boat"
A very simple yet an important advice by WHO(1) that I found in their website.

I am not someone who smokes, yet I wonder if I really can say it. I think it will be more appropriate to say that I am not a active smoker. As for the passive smoking which also harms us, I wonder how on earth we could escape that in our society.

Everyone seems to be talking about developing our country and protecting the human rights of every member of our society. If then how about MAKE OUR PUBLIC PLACES SMOKE FREE. I say so because this is something that will have many benefits. Of cause this will mean a cut in revenue by selling cigarettes. However, the benefits are far more exceeding.

1. Non-smokers will be protected from passive smoking.
2. An indirect discourage to smoking or encouragement to reduce smoking.
3. The OK attitude towards smoking will change to a "NOT OK" which in long run reduce smokers.
4. This will also encourage people to make their houses smoke free.
5. The money we spend on importing the cigarettes will reduce, at least to some extent.
6. Children gets a better and safer environment to live.

I am sure one could go on explain a lot of advantages, yet I know very well that this is more easy to be said than done. This is a concept that is already in place in many countries like, Albania, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Finland and England. (2)

Remember, many government members including our president does smoke. The same is the case with our Parliament. So it will not be very good idea to expect this to happen overnight, yet there is nothing wrong in talking about it as this is something that will benefit all.

I hold a dream to see a day, when smoking in public places are banned, and our future generation gets a healthier environment to grow up.

Photo: http://maggiesnotebook.blogspot.com/2009/03/cigarette-tax-hike-huge.html

18 July 2009

Burugaa Burugaa Burugaa...

Burgaa or veil seems to be a big topic in Maldives, especially the so called Boduburugaa or hijaab as commonly known.

In my nearly a year of stay in this blogger, I did come across various different articles regarding burugaa. Of cause most of them, criticize the buruga, showing the 'bad side' of burugaa, the bad life of those who wear it or those who asks to wear it and so on...which i need not explain anymore as its out there.

There is something special about this. Why is that everyone is so worried about burugaa or people who wear it? Answer could be simple. It hinders women to enjoy their basic right. Its an extreme way. Its not fit to our country. And many more such answers.

However, my view on this is a bit different. Before you go on to criticize my points, I think it'd be a good idea to read the whole article right. In the end, democracy we talk about, and in it the best part is the tolerance and respect to others views.

First there is no act in Maldivian constitution saying wearing veil is a must. Also there is no single statement saying wearing veil is not allowed.

Second, there are people who wears various different styles of clothes in Maldives. And everyone seems to be OK with it as they wear what they wanted to wear. If so, whats wrong in wearing the burugaa or bodu burugaa, as long as they want to wear it? I don't think the democracy every Maldivian is so much in love is all about not wearing a burugaa. Indeed, it should be about wearing what they wanted to wear right? If then, let the people who want's to wear it do it. You or others wont lose anything. Surely your wives hairs wont be lost just because your friends wife is wearing a burugaa, if that is your excuse!!!

Finally we say human rights, It violates the human right of the ladies. Well, take this example. I been a Muslim, (you call it extremist, Wahhabi, fundamentalist, and many more...which is not what I am worried) I am not allowed look at another lady unless it be my relatives or wife. Now if I say I need to go out on road so none should be out there without covering yourself. What will you say? Obviously you'd label me as a person who is not respecting others right. If so, where is my right to live in my society with my beliefs? That surely is my human right.

So I think we need to learn to live in a society. If you think burugaa violates your rights, fine, that your believes, but that is not an excuse to try to let down another part of society who also have the same basic rights to live the way they wanted.


16 July 2009

Missing British backpacker Jamie Neale found after 12 days in Australian bush

(an interesting article I came across and thought to share.)

In a remarkable tale of survival against all the odds, a teenage British backpacker has walked out of dense bushland in Australia after surviving for 12 days in freezing weather.

Jamie Neale, from Muswell Hill in north London, had no tent, no rations and no survival equipment, but survived on seeds and grass and slept under logs as he wandered lost through the Blue Mountains in New South Wales after going for a hike.

By the time he appeared this morning, rescue workers had nearly given up on the 19-year-old and his father Richard Cass had told his wife: "Give up, he's dead."

Mr Cass was at Sydney airport about to get on a plane back to London when police called to tell him his son was alive.

"He's come back from the dead," Mr Cass said. "I'd held my own closure ceremony in the park. I carved his name, lit a little candle. But I always said he was tough."

Speaking outside the hospital in the tourist town of Katoomba, where his son was being treated for exposure and dehydration, Mr Cass said that his son had seen rescue helicopters but been unable to attract their attention.

"He would go up on a cliff and see where to go but as soon as he went back down he didn't know where he was.

"He was talking to me about whether there was a god. He was losing faith, every time he saw a helicopter and he waved and shouted and nothing happened. He thought he was going to die."

Mr Neale had not been seen since July 3, when he left a youth hostel in Katoomba planning to walk to the Ruined Castle rock formation, regarded as an easy day's walk. He had a bottle of water and two bread rolls, but had left his mobile phone in the hostel - "the only teenager in the world", said Mr Cass, to go on a hike without his mobile phone.

He had brought a silver emergency heat blanket to Australia but accidentally left it behind at his uncle's house in Perth before he flew to Sydney.

He was last spotted on top of Ruined Castle, where he told a married couple he intended to keep walking to Mount Solitary, an isolated plateau in the Jamison Valley, a beautiful but rugged area near Katoomba. As he descended into the bush, he wandered off the trail and became disoriented, he told his rescuers.

"There's only one track in and one track out," said Sgt Ian Colless. "Once you lose the track it can be very dangerous. You can't just blaze your own trail in this area."

(this is an article taken from times online:July 15, 2009 under the headine)


10 July 2009

The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon. (5)

"It is the duty of the President to propose and it is the privilege of the Congress to dispose."
Franklin D. Roosevelt. Thirty-second President of the USA.

The moment I saw this quote from a website, I thought this is what we see in Maldives.
In a party system there will be two sides; those who support the government and those who oppose the government. As the members of Parliament are also humans, they do not have any exemption form this reality. Lets not talk about the independent members. Every member is independent as a person, but none of them are free of the idea of supporting or opposing the government.

The big question will be should we support or oppose the government? The answer is will depend on the party that you belong to right?
If I am an MDP member or supporter, I will support the government.
If I am not a member or supporter of the MDP, I will oppose the government.

That is what we at least see in Maldives and in our Parliament. However, I do not think that is how it should be. The decision of right or wrong of what is been proposed in Majlis should not be merely dependent on what the party or party member feels or believes.
If we look at the present situation, almost everything proposed by the government is nothing more than a hypocritical plan filled with selfishness, in the eyes of opposition members. Same is true towards opposition members from the members supporting the government.

When we keep on talking about change, I wonder when this will change. We need a Majlis where members do fact based debates with responsible decisions rather than a Yes Sir to the party.
It is time that the members understand that saying NO to everything is not what is meant by supporting and saying YES to everything is not what is opposing. So far the Majlis is not going well. The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon.