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Did DRP make a mistake?

The past few days, we saw some big dramas played in our Parliament in the name of protecting the people's rights. Two parties were on two extremely different sides and each claimed they were toiling for the good of the people. I just thought....OK this is the so called dirty politics. Now, that government has decided to withdraw the bill on decentralization, question is who lost and who won? The bill is at first has proved that government has still to lobby the opposition if they were ever to get through the Parliament. At the same time, it also has proved to the opposition that a mere majority does not make them the boss of Parliament either. This could mean a postpone in council elections. That could be a turning point of the picture. I think, DRP will be better off, had they allowed this to get through Parliament. The reasons are simple. MDP led government has already established provinces. Very honestly, the provinces have not been performing as promising as many people wanted.

Facebook- The way it is meant to be.

Internet- The way its meant to be. This is the mission statement of one of the two Internet service providers in Maldives. Rajje Online. They are talking about providing Internet services in the way it's meant to be. I am going to talk about using the Internet in the way its meant to be. Internet for me looks like an environment. In this environment you could see, and find almost everything. Good or bad. And you could roam around in this environment in a way that you prefer. The big question is, are we using this wisely? Do we really do anything productive when we spend hours and hours on Internet? Surely not. Lets not talk about 'opening' the door of this world-Internet to kids without any supervision as it is too general a reality though it is a totally big mistake. Forgetting the kids, are the elders using Internet properly? Very frankly, I don't think so. One of the applications, or I guess a social community very much used by many Maldivians is facebook. Since I be

Another Bubble?

In the last post that I made, I was writing about an issue that I felt I had to write on. Of course , as I expected not everyone was against what I said, nor was everyone in favor of what I said. Yet, I am glad for the comments that I got. Specially the many comments and criticisms I got online in facebook and live messenger. Thank you all. Some friends of mine asked if this is really the right decision. Or was it right in first place to even think of changing the existing system. Of all that I was asked, the best question was why does it bother me. hehehe Now the decision is made. Muhibbuddin School is going to be the secondary school and Islamiyya School is going to be the higher secondary school in a given time schedule. I am happy that the failed system of making a school out of failed students to teach the same syllabus is at last out of agenda. Many, believes that this will have a negative impact on Muhibbuddin School. I do agree with them that there will be such an effect, ye

Addu Education- Speaking the unspeakable

Addu scholars were famous around the nation. Addu people were educated. They had a lot of knowledge. This was how the Addu people was described often in past when it comes to knowledge and education. Maybe we can say it is the case even now. At least the only two professors in the country are from Addu. The best school outside Male' is in Addu, former Southern Secondary School or the present Muhibbuddin School. This is the famous model school. However, today, I am going to write on what we often did not talk, simply because I feel the time to speak out has come. Before I go on with my article let me make two things very clear. First, I was a student of Muhibbuddin School. I did my O Level and A Level in my Muhibbuddin School. I love my school, yet I love my nation as well. Speaking the truth and expressing what I feel, is something I'd always want to do. Second, this article is not to attack anyone by any means, but I feel the system is going on a wrong path, thus I express wh

Mr President. Mind your Language, if not Shut up

I was shocked to see the interview of President on CNN, where he very openly declared that Maldivians are fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That too according to him are in hundreds, at least few hundreds if not thousands. This will certainly change how the world looks at our country. I do believe that every action possible should be taken to stop this yet, I do not believe, president should advertise it. Excuse me, if you say democracy, well, then shall we see him announce tomorrow that we are next to Mexico in drugs? Best in Asia in gang fights? It is true that there are few who Maldivians who fight and are involved with Taliban. Yet they are very few. Whether we like it or not, there are people in this country who do not believe in Islam. Will we tomorrow announce our nation as a multi-religious country. It is better to take solid actions rather than talk and talk. How about a temporary halt to higher education chances in Pakistan if it is so out of control as

The wheel is turning backwards... We need to fix soon (6)

Development is what everyone looks forward to. It is the dream of every person, family, society and nation to develop in one way or the other. However, achieving development is easier to be said than done. Today, when we look at the development of our country, we focus on the roads, harbors, jetties and buildings. To put it in very simple term the infrastructure is what we are most concerned of. However, the reality is that infrastructure is not what all the development is about. It is only one of the pillars to development. Trust me, a single pillar will not hold a nation. We need more. It is sad to see that we are too careless of some of the very important factors for the survival and well being of a nation. One of the most important factors that is needed for developing a nation is a CIVILIZED CITIZEN in the country. Are we civilized? Are we really civilized to develop and maintain a nation as developed in this 21st century. Though I love my nation, as someone who loves to speak the

The Bangaalhee Story

"I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me . . . All I ask is that you respect me as a human being." Jackie Robinson . Its been a while since I last updated the blog. There is something that keeps disturbing me. So thought to share with you all. Maldives is famous throughout the world as a destination of peace and stability. A heaven on earth. A paradise of white sand. We all, as Maldivians feel happy and proud of it. However, today I feel that there is something that we kept aside which we should not have. Bangalhun, the labours, the workers, the garbage takers, the drivers, the plumbers, the wielders etc etc... I have a question. You want to do something and you couldn't do it. I did it for you. Will you be thankful or will you be harming me? The very reality is that this is what those Bangalhees are doing. What you could not do!!! Cleaning the junction that you cannot clean, doing the works you'd otherwise hesitate to do. In simple terms, making the i

A Black Thursday?

USA is and continues to be one of the largest and leading economies on earth. Any economic problem to the USA is taken as an international issue. No doubt it will be so as they contribute so much to the world economy. One such well know issue was the black Thursday, also known as the Great Crash of 1929. This was an incidence where the stock market of USA saw a devastating crash, which some says is the worst such scenario other than the great depression. They are big events in big countries with big economies. It is very obvious that small countries like Maldives will not see such economic events unfolding. Yet, I am afraid, that tomorrow, the Thursday, the 1st of October is going to be a beginning of our Black Thursday. Of cause of our 'size'. This is going to be a Black Thursday more to the government than to the people. Let me tell you some reasons why I feel so. Tomorrow is going to mark the beginning of "low salary" era. The 10%-20% reduction in the salary will

A special and memorable day in life..... :)

After the Teaching Practice (TP) for almost 2 months, this Eid holidays is also my college holidays as I am not yet in Male'. Since I did the TP in Addu, some of my friends planned a fish trip. So here is the very different experience of us. First, six of us could not get a Bokkuraa, (shame on us?) the wife of one of us arranged it for us. One of the friends who was supposed return from Fuahmulak today noon delayed it to tomorrow. Meaningly? No more captain for the trip!!! Who else will lead. First problem. Hmmm its poor me. Me? Believe me, I went out on a Bokkuraa only 3times in life. That too as 'a boy'. Anyway, we did not give up. We decided we will go. There we go........................ Next, we packed up a lot, baits, lines, hooks, coke, water, biscuits and everything. Be frank, we didn't miss anything, at least not yet! Though we all are from Hithadhoo, we had to get on to Bokkuraa from Feydhoo since that is where we got it. Yea, there were a lot of people near

As we celebrate the Eidul Fithuru...

Today, we the Muslims around the world (in most countries) are celebrating the Eid. The day that we celebrate after a month of fasting. A month of prayers, a month of forgiveness. I wish every the Muslim brothers and sister around the world Eid Mubarak. As we celebrate the Eid, as we thank God for His mercy and as we pray for his forgiveness, lets not forget many sufferings of Muslims around the globe. Let us include them in our prayers. The Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir and so on. May Allah bless all the Muslims and make the Islamic world better and prosperous.

Top News..........President, VP greet Maldovan President.

Its been almost a year since this post appeared on the news site. Yet, its just now that I came across the site, and was surprised that a wrong photo of the President of Maldives appeared. So just thought to share with all.

One Year of blogging.

Today, its been one year since I joined blogger. I first found a blog from my brother who I guess now is more interested in photos and Flickr. After that a close friend of mine who keeps her blog a little hidden I guess:) Now, that one year has past...I feel I did achieve my targets. Very honestly, I expected to reach 1200 hits within a year to my blog, yet I am glade to see around 4200 hits, which I feel is OK for someone who started to write very recently. Also there are 12 blogger who follow my blog. I believe the best achievement of mine in blogger is not deleting the comments. So far I only deleted one comment which was due to the fouls language used. I got the most hits as well as most comments to " Anni Just SHUT UP Your Mouth" I am glade that there are regular readers of my blog. I thank all of you who reads and comment my blog. I don't often ask for comments, yet today, in this 70th post of mine, I would like to request to your ideas and comments on my blog. H

A Humble Request to the Government and Parliament

Our nation have for the past many years been taking a leading role in the issues of the environment. Today we, the Maldives have successfully introduced to the world another ideology of joining the human rights and environment as one. "Smoke is not good for your health. Avoid smoking… In case you can’t, please do not throw cigarette stubs around. It takes more than 200 years for a cigarette filter to be decomposed by nature. By then turtles and other nosy animals will have eaten them and suffered a horrendous death because of it. Set an example, whether you are on the beach or a dive boat" A very simple yet an important advice by WHO (1) that I found in their website. I am not someone who smokes, yet I wonder if I really can say it. I think it will be more appropriate to say that I am not a active smoker. As for the passive smoking which also harms us, I wonder how on earth we could escape that in our society. Everyone seems to be talking about developing our country and pro

Burugaa Burugaa Burugaa...

Burgaa or veil seems to be a big topic in Maldives, especially the so called Boduburugaa or hijaab as commonly known. In my nearly a year of stay in this blogger, I did come across various different articles regarding burugaa. Of cause most of them, criticize the buruga, showing the 'bad side' of burugaa, the bad life of those who wear it or those who asks to wear it and so on...which i need not explain anymore as its out there. There is something special about this. Why is that everyone is so worried about burugaa or people who wear it? Answer could be simple. It hinders women to enjoy their basic right. Its an extreme way. Its not fit to our country. And many more such answers. However, my view on this is a bit different. Before you go on to criticize my points, I think it'd be a good idea to read the whole article right. In the end, democracy we talk about, and in it the best part is the tolerance and respect to others views. First there is no act in Maldivian constitut

Missing British backpacker Jamie Neale found after 12 days in Australian bush

(an interesting article I came across and thought to share.) In a remarkable tale of survival against all the odds, a teenage British backpacker has walked out of dense bushland in Australia after surviving for 12 days in freezing weather. Jamie Neale, from Muswell Hill in north London, had no tent, no rations and no survival equipment, but survived on seeds and grass and slept under logs as he wandered lost through the Blue Mountains in New South Wales after going for a hike. By the time he appeared this morning, rescue workers had nearly given up on the 19-year-old and his father Richard Cass had told his wife: "Give up, he's dead." Mr Cass was at Sydney airport about to get on a plane back to London when police called to tell him his son was alive. "He's come back from the dead," Mr Cass said. "I'd held my own closure ceremony in the park. I carved his name, lit a little candle. But I always said he was tough."

The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon. (5)

"It is the duty of the President to propose and it is the privilege of the Congress to dispose." Franklin D. Roosevelt . Thirty-second President of the USA. The moment I saw this quote from a website, I thought this is what we see in Maldives. In a party system there will be two sides; those who support the government and those who oppose the government. As the members of Parliament are also humans, they do not have any exemption form this reality. Lets not talk about the independent members. Every member is independent as a person, but none of them are free of the idea of supporting or opposing the government. The big question will be should we support or oppose the government? The answer is will depend on the party that you belong to right? If I am an MDP member or supporter, I will support the government. If I am not a member or supporter of the MDP, I will oppose the government. That is what we at least see in Maldives and in our Parliament. However, I do not think that i

“walking prison”

After reading this article on Economist , I felt it is worth to share.  Democracy is about a ruling of the country "by the people, to the people, of the people". That is what we often describes. Now the question will be what could be banned in a democracy? Simple! Anything that could harm himself or anyone else. Now the point is, does this famous Burugaa really harms anyone? It is not just about Buruga, anything that people uses that is linked to their faith should be respected in any civilized country. This could include the cross used by the Christians as well.  At least this is what I felt, and what you feel may be different. 


The reality of the illusion is that all lines are parallel. Specificity rule? The problem is not with the line!!! Its with your eyes.hehe:) While doing a module on International Economics, I came across the term Specificity rule which I think could give us a hint to better understand the situation of our problems as well. This is an economics term, yet, as long as it gives the message that I want to give, and you understand it, I am happy. Specificity rule states that any economics problem needs to be dealt by not looking at the mere problem, but by looking at the source of the problem. "The principle that the optimal policy for correcting a distortion is one that deals most directly, or specifically, with that distortion." (1) So, lets apply specificity rule on some of the issues in our society that disturbs and worries us.  1. Majlis . Please, for heaven sake don't ask me if we have problems in our Majlis. But why does it happen? Is it because of MDP or DRP? Is i

Long arm of the law

I am not here to explain to you what it is. I see a lot of people talking about the long arm. Many seems to take the words of Suoodh wrong. I will just present with 3 meanings. A dictionary meaning, an explanation of the origin of the term by ABC news and a poem on this. The dictionary meaning (,+the ) 1- The far-reaching power of the authorities. For example, You'll never get away with leaving work early; the long arm of the law is bound to catch you. This expression began as Kings have long arms (or hands) and was listed as a proverb in 1539. The current version, now often used lightly, was first recorded in 1908. An explanation of its origin by the ABC news. ( ) 2- A News Radio listener asks for the origin of the expression the long arm of the law – meaning (of course) that you can’t escape the reach of the law. Quotations expert Nigel Rees thinks all of these expressio


If I ask you do we Maldivians have or do you have Pogonophobia, the immediate reply will be a big "NOT AT ALL!!!". Will the answer be just the same easy if I ask you, how about me growing beard??? ..............................................................................................blank??? Pogonophobia is simply a fear of beards. Do we really have pogonophobia? Yes, we do. We really have it. Take a scenario. You get a Ronaldo cut. For the family and friends it's OK. You pray five times a day........... your very good. You wear most recent fashions and have a good french beard.........well then your so cool. You scream out at police and call them Golhaaboa(now Gnajaaboa?) have a good gut. You smooth shave......... oh salhi, haadha omaaney . You grow beard.....Oh my became a Wahhabi...or terrorist. So we fear the beard. Very often we link the guys with beards as terrorists, extremists or Wahhabi (you name it, its there)