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A greater reminder to the greater president

Neither a  poem am I going to write, nor a poet an I!! Let me keep this as simple as this. I am a Muslim, and I believe it is very important to remind when something doesn't seem to be going so well. Reminder is important.  Well, especially when you live in a country where your  president did not remember to check on the "gifts" he gets..when he was unable to find that his very vice president made the largest ever corruption in nation. And when he says he was not sure if he offered a luxury apartment to the Anti Corruption Commission head.  We need to keep reminding that we are  a one nation and we by our constitution needs to be dealt equally. I spend sometime to read and find, if anywhere a "Greater Male' region" is mentioned in our constition. And in the process I found 2 important points in Chapter 2 (Fundamental Rights and Freedoms) of the constitution. Now Here is my reminder to my our presdient. Mr President. Dear Sir, Your the elected preside