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ATTENTION PLEASE: Look Here....Not There.

Thinking, about what goes around the society is something I enjoy. These days, in our country, politics, is the most spoken topic of all. When it comes to politics, the politicians always look for attention of the people. However, this is the case only in the positive things. When there is a problem, or something not very favorable, they try a lot to divert the attention to something else. The present government it seems is too good to try this technique almost everywhere possible. Lets see how some situations arose and what followed. End of 2008, Dr. Hassan Saeedh started openly criticising government and its aim to win majority in Parliament. He started questioning the faith of government. In just a week, to every one's surprise, President announced the famous 5 drug leaders information. Desperate to see a solution to drugs problem in nation, people and media immediately switched to the 5 dealer talks. Mid- January 2009, the Civil service commission and finance ministry went into