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Do I hear a BANG?

A beautiful nation. A nation of peace and love. A nation with  a smile to very visitor. That was our Maldives. Nearly 20 years back, if someone hits another person, it became a very big issue. An issue discussed a lot among elders. And indeed they made sure kids doesn't hear those "bad" stories. And today? Nearly every month, we hear of a murder, almost everyday we come across gang fights. This shows that things has change a lot more than we would ever wish it to change. Today, I am forced to talk on this issue after seen an article on one of the news sites of Maldives. For me, I found it alarming. Indeed, for me it was a clear and loud warning of what this lovely nation may face tomorrow. Extremism is not to be tolerated. No matter who it is, and on what base they are. Here in Maldives, I feel there are 3 major extremism which needs immediate and serious actions before things goes from bad to worse. 1- Religious extremism. Here there are two branches. Some

The wheel is turning backwards... We need to fix soon (7)

Development is what we always look-forward. A developed, peaceful and a civilized society sure will be the dream of all. However, reaching this is easier said than done. We, in Addu, have the same dreams, the same wishes and the same hopes. Same is the case throughout the nation. Development  is not just about the buildings. Development is not paved roads either. It is more a broader term. Let me not go running around the bush! I am sure you'd not prefer it, after all, this is a post from me after ages!! We in Addu, or even in Maldives, tries our level best to make sure our island/city as developed as possible. We made charts, we made plans, we drew our visions, and we even spoke of our big dreams; I Have a Dream! However, I am pretty sure, time has come for us to seriously address another issue. OURSELVES!!! What did I do? What did I fail to do? Let me tell just few things that comes to my mind. Love Addu. Yes, We do love Addu. That I have no doubt of, Yet, I am sure