13 September 2014

Do I hear a BANG?

A beautiful nation. A nation of peace and love. A nation with  a smile to very visitor. That was our Maldives.

Nearly 20 years back, if someone hits another person, it became a very big issue. An issue discussed a lot among elders. And indeed they made sure kids doesn't hear those "bad" stories. And today? Nearly every month, we hear of a murder, almost everyday we come across gang fights. This shows that things has change a lot more than we would ever wish it to change.

Today, I am forced to talk on this issue after seen an article on one of the news sites of Maldives. For me, I found it alarming. Indeed, for me it was a clear and loud warning of what this lovely nation may face tomorrow.

Extremism is not to be tolerated. No matter who it is, and on what base they are. Here in Maldives, I feel there are 3 major extremism which needs immediate and serious actions before things goes from bad to worse.

1- Religious extremism. Here there are two branches. Some are so much into religion that they are ready even to kill the rest who doesn't follow their very footsteps. Here let me share what a respected Islam teacher told me once. "In Maldives, we could categories religious activities into 4 levels. The first is the "Moderates" who represents most of the Sheikhs and other religious people who loves Islam and can tolerate others.  Second goes the "Salaf". Even they are moderate enough to live and follow the Islam without any issues. The "Super-salf" refuse the thinking of the earlier mentioned 2 and the last "Dots" both refuse the other 3 as well as do not accept them as part of their Muslim society members. Well, I don't know! I know one thing. There is extremism in Maldives in the name of Islam and it needs to be stopped.

2- Extremism in freedom. Well, you may question if I refuse freedom of expression when I myself am a blogger. Sure I do believe in freedom of expression. However, I also believe it must be within some limits. The line where my freedom of expression to express and another's freedom to live in peace should be very clear and must never be crossed.  Also, my freedom of expression, and me belonging to a nation that follows democracy (at least calls themselves a democracy, lol ) does not give me a ticket to be an atheist or whatever that is against Islam in this lovely nation. Well, I belong to this nation and I refuse to accept that we need to open to citizens to follow a religion of choice. My freedom also should not make me a drug addict as that has happened to majority of our youth. Such a freedom I'd rather call as extremism in freedom.

3- Political extremism. The black market for changing parties, the so called "hard core activists" activities of some members of various parties must be stopped. Well, they need to be rather told that their love to the party should be to a limit. When the party leader points at moon and says "such a huge sun" and if we still dare to say 'yes sir', and clap...something is very wrong. If you are ready to spend 10-12 hours win your party office and forgets about your job, family and other responsibilities, what else can I say to it? Sure it is extremism, and I bet it it high in Maldives. We hear people saying this fight happened with politics behind it, that murder was a political one etc.. I am sure you'd know better than me, the stories of some families getting to level of divorce just with arguments over politics. Well, that's crazy and that is extremism.

All the 3 issues I mentioned are problems that needs our attention. Problems that needs to be addressed. Sooner or later, we will suffer or our next generations will, if we fail to act today. For me, I just hear a loud and deafening bang that could come anytime. Going to be disastrous if we stay quiet waiting for the bang.


09 September 2014

The wheel is turning backwards... We need to fix soon (7)

Development is what we always look-forward. A developed, peaceful and a civilized society sure will be the dream of all. However, reaching this is easier said than done.

We, in Addu, have the same dreams, the same wishes and the same hopes. Same is the case throughout the nation. Development  is not just about the buildings. Development is not paved roads either. It is more a broader term.

Let me not go running around the bush! I am sure you'd not prefer it, after all, this is a post from me after ages!!

We in Addu, or even in Maldives, tries our level best to make sure our island/city as developed as possible. We made charts, we made plans, we drew our visions, and we even spoke of our big dreams; I Have a Dream!

However, I am pretty sure, time has come for us to seriously address another issue. OURSELVES!!!

What did I do? What did I fail to do? Let me tell just few things that comes to my mind.

Love Addu. Yes, We do love Addu. That I have no doubt of, Yet, I am sure people will question us, if we still throw pieces of papers, chewing gum, etc,,, to the streets. The tires, the nappies, the plastic bags, tins and bottles found on our beautiful beaches are no a good sign.  We also seriously needs to find a way to dispose the fish wastes in a proper way than just throwing to the sea, which in a day or two makes our very breathing not so pleasant.  The Education that we get will be in questions, if we have a very specific set garbage area in Addu, and still our beaches are worse than these garbage area.

Be Safe. Accidents are the big issue in Addu now. Specially that 2 youngsters just passed away a day back in a tragic accident. Accident may occur anytime and it maybe faced to anyone. Indeed that is why we call it accidents. However, negligence on the road, and breaching the rules made for the good of everyone is a what we could fix easily. I am sure no one will force you to not remove your helmet on link road or even else where on the road. I doubt if a taxi driver will ask you to remove seat belt either.  And surely you wont have to pay mvr700 if you goes at or below 30km/hr and 60km/hr ranges given. This could only be fixed when we as a part of this society believes that the correction measure needs to start from the very our ourselves and not necessarily by a  police fine.

Respect. A human is a human.  That does not matter which country they belong to. If we claim Addu as a developed or even a developing city, let us have the basic respect to others. Bangaalhees as we often call, too are humans and they need to be respected and their rights protected. Without this its more than insane for us to try calling ourselves a civilized population. Respect also is found missing when we goes to counters of various offices and tries to "finish off fast" by taking the help and time of a friendly employee in office. Trust me, others are also as busy as we. In a nation where smoking in public places are banned, its a disrespect to the non smokers to break that rule. At least, I don't like someone to keep smoking and sending that smoke to my face!

I am not going to make the post too long. However, I will not hesitate to say that if we are able to fix what I mentioned above, our Addu is going to be far far more better than what she is today. Let us start from ourselves, and our family before we talk of what others could not do. That is the kind of thinking we expect from an educated and a civilized man in this 21st century. I Hope I don't need to give a caption for the photo I uploaded in this post. :)