31 July 2008

The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon. (1)

Development is what everyone looks forward to. It is the dream of every person, family, society and nation to develop in one way or the other. However, achieving development is easier to be said than done

Education system in jeopardy…

Education is the sector that is taking a major part of the budget of Maldives every year. The government is said to spend the highest amount on education sector. Right now there are 233 schools in Maldives (Ministry of Education website). Yet, the big question is, is it worth?
Of cause it should be!! The spending on education is a very much valid and rewarding investment. True. It is rewarding investment, yet the question is it rewarding to us here in Maldives? Lets think of it in a bit more detailed way.
The formal education system of the Maldives dates back to more than 75 years. Indeed it’s more than 75 but I say 75 as every Maldivian will remember the celebrations that took place on the Diamond Jubilee of Majeedhiyya School. Seventy five years is a long period, yet did we achieve so much within this long period?
It will be very easy to answer. Yes! We did achieve a lot. Every year many students get the pride of been in the National Top Ten of Maldives. Unfortunately or fortunately this is the only measure that we use to calculate our success or failure of the spending on education. And the best part is that, we always talk about the 20 to 30 students who get the golden prizes, but always ignore the other 1000 to 1500 students who get nothing but a set of “U”.
That was just about the results. How about the other factors? The loss of manners and good discipline among students is something that no one will reject. Teachers are not been respected, obeying parents will be the most out dated thing the students can ever do. This is hard to believe, yet the truth when it comes to the majority of the Maldivian students.
The books we use in our education system are something that I better not mention. We follow a foreign syllabus; the only books that belong to Maldives in the secondary grades are Dhivehi and Islam. The primary grade books are the once that we make and no doubt, they are so old and not at all up to date. Believe it or not, in this 21st century the only thing that we teach to our kids in Social Studies is Dhonbandaarain and Korubandaarain!! I wish they teach something really linked to our day-to-day life and put those stuffs in a subject like History.
Well, a lot to say, a lot share. Now it’s your turn. Think about our education system. Is it going well? Views do differ. All I can say about Mladivian education system is…education system is in jeopardy. The word Failure is on my dictionary too.

30 July 2008

A Sudden Tragedy!!

The sudden death of the winner of last year's “Voice of India”, Ishmeet Singh Sodhi (September 2, 1989 - July 29, 2008), shocked everyone who heard of it. Whether it is a fan of him or not, all who knew of it were surprised as this happened just on the day he came to Maldives.
Ishmeet came to Maldives to perform in the Star Voice of Maldives, which was expected to be taking place in Alimas Carnival on 1st August. Many, including the organizers in Maldives itself are in doubt if the Voice of Maldives will commence as planned after the unexpected incidence.
Of cause there are and will be many people who were not in favor of this competition to be held in Maldives. Also it is true that there were many who were in favor of it. Even if they were in of either view, one thing was sure. The incident lead to people, think about what it will result in. Many believe that this will be taken as a sign of bad luck by the Indians and the competition, will no more be held here in Maldives. There are some who thinks even to the extreme that this will lead to many famous stars of India to think twice whenever they plan to visit Maldives.
In anyhow, the incident was a real tragedy for the family and fans of Ishmeet Singh who passed away at a very young age. I wish his family and friend patience at this hard moment for them.

26 July 2008

43 years of life...how was it?

Today is 43rd Independence Day of Maldives. The celebrations are going on though not at a high scale.
As everyone is so involved in the celebrations, I’d like to turn my attention to something else. When we celebrate the Independence Day, what is the present situation of our country? It will not be an unfair judgment if I say that the county is in a critical situation. When I say critical I don’t mean to say the country is in real danger in anyway by any means. However, it is the fact that Maldives is experiencing a lot of changes in the past few years. Changes are good by its nature, yet may bring results that we don’t want to see, if it is not done properly.
Political changes are what everyone talks about in the recent days.
A new constitution is been drafted and is expected to be ratified soon. Party systems started working. New commissions and systems are in place. Media is opened a lot compared to the ‘only government media’ system that we had ever since. New resorts are in place etc… hey a lot is done right? Very true!
A lot is really done. And that too is in a short period of time. Well that was the changes that we like to see. Who will talk about the things that we don’t like to see?
It will not be an exaggeration if I say that nearly 50% or more of the youths are using drugs. The social values and norms of the society are no more accepted by the new generations. Indeed, they take it as odd and out dated. The qualities like respect to parents, elders, teachers seems no more fits to this country. The economy is in a very unstable situation. These are things we need to think about on our Independence Day. But do we really??? Think again.

25 July 2008

A tribute from the tongue of the nation

Can you imagine a person named a Kettle? Do you know one of the famous writers and the poets of the Maldives Mr. Ibrahim Naeem? Guess both the questions left you with a blank, right? Yet I am sure everyone will know if I say Saikkuraa Naeem. (Saikuraa in Dhivehi means kettle) Today Mr. Naeem (Saikuraa) passed away in ADK hospital around 10:30 morning local time at the age of 73.
Mr. Naeem was a respected person who served as a civil servant for more than five decades.( February 1953 to May 2008) He was known among the people as a great story writer, poet and even as a person with a big humor. Though his passed away his legacy will last forever.
May God bless Mr. Naeem (Saikkura) and gives patience to his family and friends.
Saikuraa was a man of courage and dedication. A man the nation cannot effort to forget. And role model to any youth who wants to serve his nation.

As the time comes…

The big day that every single Maldivian is waiting is the day of presidential elections. This election is a quite different election compared to all other elections this country so far experienced. Indeed it is different in many ways.

1. This is the first time in three decades (since 1978) the serving president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom will have to compete with anyone in the race for presidency.

2. The election also comes at a time the Maldivians are showing opposition to the president and his long serving regime more than ever before.

3. Above all, this is the first ever multi-party election in this country that got independence from British on July 1965. The new constitution1 that is been drafted by the Citizens Majilis (Khaassa Majilis) and sent to the president for ratification demand for a multi-party election before 10th October 2008.

So the time is getting near. The government already announced that the constitution will be ratified on 30th July 2008.

Yet, are we ready for this change? Who are we going to vote? Indeed how are we going to vote? The first two questions may be simple and easy to answer. However the last one may sound a bit odd to you. Still, it is the truth.

If we really look at the majority of the voters, they don’t vote on the real choice. We vote you, not because you are a capable and responsible person who can take the challenge in a professional manner. So why do we vote you? Well it differs... Sometimes simply because you came from “my” family…my island…my atoll…etc... At times the vote is been sold. Yes it is sold! Say give a TV set… a two way ticket to India…or you know sometimes its “OK” with just paying off my electricity bill for the month or even a MRF500 will do!!!

Every one claims that this is the time of change. If so, this of cause is the high time we change the style of voting too. Remember! You will get the famous watermelon (karaa) at your doorstep FREE during the month of fasting (Ramlhaan). Mind you! Don’t take it unless it is a real present. Yes. A real present .A vote in the election is more than a watermelon, so don’t exchange it with that simple fruit. There is no reason why you must vote a particular person because I vote him, Not at all. You make your own choice. It is your nation. It is your president. And it is your choice. Make it wisely.

note; 1 Whether the constitution is a new one or the same old one changed has become a debate among politicians. I mentioned it as new not because I support either of the ways. It is just to make my message clear.