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What 8/9 meant to me...

1- Mr. Moahemd Nasheed  -95,224 votes (45.45%) 2- Mr Yamin Abdul Gayyoom   -53,099 (25.35%) 3- Mr Gasim Ibrahim  -50,422 (24.07%) 4- Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik  -10,750 (5.13%) Void 2359 votes. A Presidential Election is held. Now we have to go for a second round. The very  competitive but surely a peaceful election with the highest turnover ever recorded in the history of the nation is surely a step ahead in the road to democracy. Hats off to the Elections commission. Surely the contribution of security forces for a peaceful election should not be forgotten. Thank you, Maldives Police Service and Thank you Elections Commission of the Maldives. What I think should not necessarily be what you believe. Let me tell you the reality that I feel came out of this election. 1- Nasheed-  He has proved that he is a candidate with capacity to bring the highest votes regardless of no other party by his side. Indeed every political party other than MDP was against him winning th