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Democracy will not die. And it was not a mistake.

As I go to school everyday, holding my mother's hand, I used to read a poster on the wall. "We Need You to Build a Better Democracy." I was too small to understand it, yet I read it a lot. 2015, almost 20 years later, Maldives is changed. The democracy that I only knew even to read by looking at it is a part of our everyday life. Elections, decentralised governance, elected president, elected members of parliament, independent judiciary and independent civil service has become noticeable pillars of the democracy of this nation. 2004 was the turning point in Maldives, and 4 years later, for the first time a multi party election was held. 5 years later, today, Mr. Yamin, a brother of former President Maumoon who served 30 years in office is the president. Former president is in jail, the government has clear majority in parliament and the government they say is stronger a government than ever before in nation. Some at a point of utter helplessness that they feel d

Please not a Helmet. Build a fort around the head!!

I just saw the news that soon, in Addu, everyone who is using a motorcycle must be wearing a helmet. Yes. It is to be implemented soon. Now this sounds really cool. Addu is the one and only place in nation where record number of accidents occur. A lot injured, many suffering for life time and many left us forever. Well well, thank you Addu city council members for showing your concern towards your people. Accidents are frequent in Addu, and specially in Addu link road and the other payed roads of the connected islands. It is true that serious and correct measures must be taken to avoid these dangerous and at times deadly accidents. Let me not jump to a conclusion that so our roads are the most risky roads on earth and that huge measures must be taken in this very moment. WHY accidents? With all due respect to the people who lost lives and equal respect to those who got injured in our roads,  if we just sit and think there are some things we could observe. 1- Except in a ver