Please not a Helmet. Build a fort around the head!!

I just saw the news that soon, in Addu, everyone who is using a motorcycle must be wearing a helmet. Yes. It is to be implemented soon.

Now this sounds really cool. Addu is the one and only place in nation where record number of accidents occur. A lot injured, many suffering for life time and many left us forever. Well well, thank you Addu city council members for showing your concern towards your people.

Accidents are frequent in Addu, and specially in Addu link road and the other payed roads of the connected islands. It is true that serious and correct measures must be taken to avoid these dangerous and at times deadly accidents.

Let me not jump to a conclusion that so our roads are the most risky roads on earth and that huge measures must be taken in this very moment.

WHY accidents?
With all due respect to the people who lost lives and equal respect to those who got injured in our roads,  if we just sit and think there are some things we could observe.
1- Except in a very very rare case,  most of the deadly accidents in link road occurred while people were wearing helmets!
2- Surely in most if not 100%  accidents, there was one or both crazy driving involved. I said crazy,
3- We could hardly see an accident which we really could have avoided by a helmet, simply because the other main factor of speed played major role.

Now wearing helmet surely will give protection to our heads. Hey save your brain, Wear the helmets. However, I could give a better formula. How about choosing a way that could protect the whole of your body than your mere head? Which one sounds more interesting.

As far as my knowledge, (i may not know as much as council members do) other than the special speed permitted area(link road with helmet only and a speed of max 60kmph) we are not allowed to speed up. Excuse me, how many dangerous  accidents occurred in Addu city link road or else where, while both parties were driving at 25kmph?
I am sure I didn't hear of any such accidents any recently. And even if it happened, i doubt it ever threatened any of our lives.  And still are we going to justify that a helmet is the sweet dream solution for our issue!!!

Now dear council members. majority of the accidents occurred in Addu merely due to carelessness of one or more involved in accidents. And main factor surely was exceeding the speed limits given. Today when we fail to implement speed limits in our city, we are asking those naughty speeding up guys to wear helmet. What if we dont wear that too? I mean 750 is there for speed too. Are we going to biuld a fort around every ones head? Or are we going to put a ban of motorcycle in Addu?

Please dont run around the bush. The reason for the accidents in Addu is not about helmet but about breaking the traffic rules. Trust me there are pretty enough regulations to make our roads safe. What we need is not another bundle of regulations, yet what we need is to implement the existing rules and regulations. I bet, if traffic rules and regulations are implemented in Addu city properly, you the Addu city council will get some good time to think and discuss more valid things in your term in office.

It's mocking our regulations, when we make new regulations just because we fail to implement the first one.