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Learning the calender

Long back, as a small child, I once heard my father citing Mr. Mohamed Jameel Didi (May Allah Bless him) as saying in a lecture in SAEC...... "One day, every single day of your calender will be named..." I used to wonder if it will happen! If it happens, will we need a calender anymore!! Like now we say Sunday....Monday...Tuesday etc.. we could go on reading all the 365 names. Suddenly, this thought disturbed me tonight, and I just gave a try. Here it goes. :) And I have included 3 days that we celebrate in Maldives with according to the solar calender. I guess its real long, yet for me, at least I felt its worth to have a list. January 1- World Peace Day / Global Family Day / New year day 5 - World Environment Day 6 - World Day - War Orphans 10- World Laughter Day 26- International Customs day 27- International Holocaust Remembrance Day 28- Data Protection Day 30- World Leprosy Eradication Day February 2- World Wetland Day 4- World Cancer Day 6