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Who am I? Where am I?

From the very childhood onwards, I knew I am a Maldivian. I knew I believe in Islam. I knew my country is a very beautiful place. And I knew my nation was so peaceful that some says it is heaven on earth. In short, I knew who I am. We had a long tradition of peace and harmony. Friendship, share and care, hospitality were assets of this nation, for which our forefathers. Islam was the pillar that we said could never be moved as long as we were named Maldivians. Today, things have changed, with development, globalization, education, and the ever changing world, we have changed. Our country is developing. New buildings, better projects, higher education and so on. Industries are flourishing, democracy is settling itself, economic changes are taking place. The thinking, believes and the ways of life have changed than ever before. With the good news, also came the bad side. As we imported almost everything, we failed to make sure that we import only the good things. The result is proving to

civil the middle of no where?

few facts that we could recall before going ahead..... 1. There is an economic problem in our country. Some says an economic down turn. Government and international organisations and opposition also seems to agree on this. (opposition says government spending tell a different story) 2. The Independent bodies are got the "high" salary as they got before the 3 month salary reductions. 3. The Parliament very clearly rejected to cut a single Laari from their salary. (though we today see some of them very sympathetic to civil servants) 4. The salary was reduced for a period of 3 months with the possibility of extending if necessary by further observation of the situation on ground. salary of civil servants; the big topic in every sitting room and every dining room. What should we really do? CSC says government is so very wrong for not giving "high salary" and the government says CSC is very wrong for asking to pay "high salary". Now, we see the civil servants b