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"I am not a Muslim......." The interesting developments that could follow.......

Tonight surely will be marked as a dark and a sad night in the history of Maldives. Just few hours back, a Maldivian announced himself as "not a Muslim" during the question and answer time of Dr. Zakir Naik. The announcement that was seen by the almost 10,000-15000 people present in the gathering and a lot of Maldivians watching live in TVM shocked the whole country. It is sad, but speaking very frankly, i was not shocked. I just felt that this is the untold news that was told. This is the reality that we had to face one day or another. I as a Maldivian am against it, and feels very sad for that. Yet, now my purpose of this post is not this development, but another development that could arise due to this. WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO HIM. I am not a lawyer, nor a student of law. I was shown this interesting development by the Former Attorney General Azima Shakoor while I was online from facebook. Thank You, Azima for sharing this. He said he is not a Muslim. According

Dhivehi And Islam. YES or NO???

With the news of the idea of government to make study of Dhivehi language and Islamic studies as optional in A Level, many started asking questions about this. A lot of people questioned the aim of the sudden change in policy and more importantly the outcomes that could arise. Today, there are argument that are in favour and otherwise to this new development. The opposition, of course rejected this idea all at once. Let me share my thinking on this. Well, before this, let me tell you the Maldivian National Philosophy of Education. " EACH CHILD WHO COMPLETES FORMAL SCHOOLING SHALL POSSESS THE PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SKILLS NEEDED FOR HIS/HER WELL BEING IN THE MUSLIM , MALDIVIAN SOCIETY AND SHALL POSSESS THE SKILLS TO FUNCTION AS A CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF HIS/HER FAMILY, COMMUNITY AND COUNTRY. " It is in accordance with this philosophy that the curriculum, subjects contents and all should go. In simple terms this is cast that is made to be used i

17th SAARC Summit in Addu...............

Wondering if I went mad? Thank God, I am not. :) Two days back I got an invitation to a face book group. The group named as " 17th SAARC Summit in ADDU". I felt like laughing. SAARC Summit? In Addu? Come on!! Then I thought, Hey! this is a good idea. Indeed its marvelous. It'd be nice if such a huge gathering of international level takes place in Addu. That can make the 17th SAARC a very different one. The first summit with a lady secretary general The 2nd time a SAARC summit takes place outside the capital city. So far it happened only once, in Bangalore India. With a new government and a new regime and a new president, it can prove another new one that the Maldives experienced. That could be made a beginning of holding important international summits and meetings outside the capital Male'. The old way of ONLY Male' can be changed. That's was my thinking, but this is also another thinking. "Rafiu, You think this is going to happen? It wont. Never, its ju

Right Change and wrong .........Change? Not very right change!!

As we hear the word Change, the first thing that comes to our mind happens to be changing the government. That is however, not what I would like to write in this article. During the whole of last month, I was able to post just one article. A very humble sorry for that. I hope I will be able to continue as I did before from now on. I was busy doing the last teaching practice(TP) of the course. This time I would like to write about a change I experienced during my TP. I had to go to Majiddiyyaa School. The most senior school in the nation. So I was also expecting something different. And that was exactly what I came across. The first day in school was the first day, the school switched to Smart Boards. This was the first time in history of the nation that a school was fully equipped with smart boards in every single class. Everyone, teachers, students, management, and even parents were very happy. We were not trained to use smart boards. So college changed us from Majiddiyya to 3 other s