10 May 2010

17th SAARC Summit in Addu...............

Wondering if I went mad? Thank God, I am not. :)

Two days back I got an invitation to a face book group. The group named as " 17th SAARC Summit in ADDU".

I felt like laughing. SAARC Summit? In Addu? Come on!! Then I thought, Hey! this is a good idea. Indeed its marvelous. It'd be nice if such a huge gathering of international level takes place in Addu.

That can make the 17th SAARC a very different one.
The first summit with a lady secretary general
The 2nd time a SAARC summit takes place outside the capital city. So far it happened only once, in Bangalore India.
With a new government and a new regime and a new president, it can prove another new one that the Maldives experienced. That could be made a beginning of holding important international summits and meetings outside the capital Male'. The old way of ONLY Male' can be changed.

That's was my thinking, but this is also another thinking. "Rafiu, You think this is going to happen? It wont. Never, its just a campaign for the upcoming election." That too was an idea.

So I thought, any way, it is a good idea that one atoll took the initiative, and move the summit to the islands than the summit held in Male' always. For me, I thought, this could be a good beginning. Yes, as someone who was born and brought up outside Male' I too wish that such events take place in the different islands of Maldives. Yet, if it never happens, I will not feel ashamed for having to say that it is something good to be done, because regardless of it happens or not, I wish to the islands outside Male' also been the venue for important events.



  1. good idea. Lets have all the NGOs in the atoll request the same.. maybe govt would relent..

  2. mrw: you make it sound as though the govt. is resisting having the next saarc summit in addu. maybe the govt is for it as much as the people of addu.

  3. Raappe
    Dude - Even IF this summit takes place in Addu/Foakland, what good do your expect it to bring?
    It will do nothing to bring any tangible development to the already economically stagnant region.
    Well dude, Nasheed might have noticed that, the southern region is known for its ppl, who are always on the look for something that will inject them with some extra ego. The ego boost from holding the SAARC summit in the southern hemisphere, below the equator, in Addu/Foakland might just propel Nasheeds failing government towards a lifeline, in at least the most populous region in the country? Maybe!
    But this is surely nothing but a campaign trick, and even if its not, it wont do any real good to our ppl!
    Remember - Maga hadhaah laari nilibeyy au adhiyas!! LOL

  4. well.. let's see if that happens.. i personally don't think it's going to 'coz the president has given us nothing but empty talks so far


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