29 May 2010

"I am not a Muslim......." The interesting developments that could follow.......

Tonight surely will be marked as a dark and a sad night in the history of Maldives. Just few hours back, a Maldivian announced himself as "not a Muslim" during the question and answer time of Dr. Zakir Naik. The announcement that was seen by the almost 10,000-15000 people present in the gathering and a lot of Maldivians watching live in TVM shocked the whole country.

It is sad, but speaking very frankly, i was not shocked. I just felt that this is the untold news that was told. This is the reality that we had to face one day or another. I as a Maldivian am against it, and feels very sad for that. Yet, now my purpose of this post is not this development, but another development that could arise due to this.

I am not a lawyer, nor a student of law. I was shown this interesting development by the Former Attorney General Azima Shakoor while I was online from facebook. Thank You, Azima for sharing this.

He said he is not a Muslim. According to Constitution...

1. Article 9. (d) Despite the provisions of article (a) a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives.

If then now is he a Maldivian? Who are Maldivians?

2. Article 9. (a) The following persons are citizens of the Maldives:

1. citizens of the Maldives at the

commencement of this Constitution;

2. children born to a citizen of the Maldives;


3. foreigners who, in accordance with the

law, become citizens of the Maldives.

If then where does he belong? He was and a Maldivian for all his age till his announced it. Simple, remove his citizenship as he no more is in "our way". What does constitution says?

3. The same article 9. (b) No citizen of the Maldives may be deprived of citizenship.


Then lets take him to justice. If he is not coming back to faith what should we do?

If so again will it be proved in Supreme court that he is guilty?

4. Article 51 (h) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty
beyond a reasonable doubt.

So?????? He is A Maldivian? A Maldivian can not be a Non- Muslim! He says Not a Muslim? If then has to be proved
beyond a reasonable doubt. It seems what he said is not enough for this either.
So is this the next big job for our Supreme Court to do?


  1. There are many people who has faith crisis. We are exposed many thing. Nobody knows whats right and wrong. Best thing to do is free him. Constitution cannot determine anyones religion.

  2. We the whole country shall not have to bend behind our backs to facilitate the urge of some nameless kaafir. Here are a few things we have to do before this becomes a virulent flu:

    1. cancel his id card, passport, license etc anything that could prove he is a local.
    2. if he is married, then to have his marriage annulled cos its not permissible for kaafirs to marry muslims.
    3. if he is to inherit anything from his parents then to cancel his inheritance cos a kaafir does not inherit from his Muslim parents.
    4. put a gag order on him to refrain from using any media to spread his poisonous ideas and sow discord among men, which includes print media as well as Internet.

  3. Maulana Inayatullah Subhani, author of acclaimed books like Muhammad-e-Arabi, Nuqush-e-Rah and Haqeeqat-e-Rajm, Tabdili-e-Mazhab aur Islam says Apostasy doesn't carry death penalty in Islam. Maulana says one hadith is mentioned in this regard. And its misinterpretation has caused all this to happen. The hadith, Man baddala Dinahu faqtuluh (kill him... See More who changes his religion). Maulana mentions three ayaat from Qur'an on apostasy (Al-Baqara 217, Muhammad 25-27 and Al-Maida 54 )and then says that none of these ayaat prescribes any punishment for that though these ayaat pass strictures on the people who commit it. Maulana says that it was made clear in Qur'an in (Aal Imran 72-73).

  4. According to the constitution of Maldives, still he will be a citizen of Maldives. Art 9(a)says that children born to a citizen of the Maldives will be citizens of Maldives. he was born to Maldives as a pure muslim child by Muslim parents who are citizens of maldives. so according to 9(a)he would be a citizen, though he is a muslim or not now. On the other hand Art 9(d) says that a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of Maldives...it doesn't say anythng about the ppl who are the citizens of maldives from the beginig. If it applies to the citizens of maldives ,than i wonder hw many ppl wud have the right to be a citizen of maldives?????

  5. the constitution is clear on this. he will remain a maldivian citizen, because he was citizen to begin.

    non-muslims may not become a citizen, applies only when a person wants to become a citizen i suppose.

  6. His citizenship needs to be forfeited. The constitution was passed with 100 percent vote. Anyone who lives in the Maldivian soil has to adhere to the constitution. Forfeiting his citizenship is not a ridiculous law, In countries like South Korea anyone who does not serve the army would be an outcast and US outrightly support this rule. Why cant Maldives have laws to preserve its way of life.


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