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Tackling Extremism

Extremism- the holding of extreme political or religious views (Oxford dictionary) Extremism-any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society, or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. (Wikipedia) OK, Now the question is do we have extremism in Maldives. We claim we are a peaceful heaven on earth. Yet the hard to accept truth, is that we do have extremism in Maldives. Here I'd divide the extremism on the basis of politics and religion. Political Extremism  We have political extremism in Maldives. There are many people, who use a blind eye, when it comes to politics. I'd refrain from naming any, yet if you look at the Parliament of this country, you'd clearly see the proves of what I said on both sides. Example, for some of the government's supporters, from the natural disasters to economic down turns, from the household problems to the violations of laws by teenagers, everything is "because of Maumoon"

Catchment area: Catching the Addu City

Two years back, I told you that there is a grave mistake in our education system which needs to be fixed. Now that story is gone. A new era, a new situation and a new case is now on the table. Now the big talk is the catchment area talk. This is a new policy implemented by the education ministry in Addu City under which, the students were entitled to enter the secondary schools of the geographical area they belong to. Under this system, Hithadhoo students will be divided between Hithadhoo School and Muhibbuddin School. In the other wards of city, the students should join the schools in that particular area. Sounds very fair. Yet problem arises when many students or more specifically their parents wants the kids to join Muhibbuddin School. So the catchment area has become a big issue. Here are some arguments on both sides. Some arguments for Catchment area policy: -The government of Maldives wants the education system to be in a way that from grade 1 to 10, the students shoul

Home! Hassan's Sweet Home

Its the dream of everyone to live in a beautiful home with best possible furniture and utensils. Yet not everyone have it, nor could all  afford it. Yet, that is not the end of the world! Let me share with you something that caught my eye. Its not a very new story. It has been there for a long while, yet I guess many just didn't bother to look at. Everyday, many many people, go cross Medheaari maga from Ghaazee maga to visit the convention center and its beauty. Why dont you take a right turn this time rather than going a head.  What do you see?? Well. you'd see a hut!! A small house. Or most easily I could say a "kolhonege" by some kids.  NO! NO! NO!. Thats a house. A real house!!! It is Hassan Didi's house according to him. I had a talk about the house and he was nice enough to show me the house and explain about it too. The hut we see everyday. He says this plot of land belongs to a brother (some relative I heard, though not an own

SAARC in Addu City- My report

Today we are happy that Addu city was able to hold the 17th SAARC summit. Everyone is celebrating its success and what the great work we did. So I'd rater speak of what we could not do. Seventeenth SAARC summit was held in Equatorial Convention Center. "A wonder brought up in 6 months from a marsh land" they say. The landscaping done by MNDF and police was just marvelous. Thank you MNDF and MPS. But, we say this is a nation. A nation with law and order. As far as my knowledge, such a huge change in a big ecology in Maldives requires Environmental Impact Assessment. (the well known EIA). I saw on TV president answering the reporter regarding the issue saying that a harm will not be done knowingly for sure. Yes Sir! Your right, they will not bring a harm knowingly, yet an unknown harm too is a harm. Where was the city council? Silent? Where was the environment ministry? At Male'? I don't know. All I know is it all happened "above the law" Inside

Define Cleaning please.

It was 10th May 2010, when I posted on this blog an article under the name, 17th SAARC Summit in Addu............... Many laughed at me, many said it was almost impossible. Today, Addu is too busy with the works to prepare the city for the international summit. That is not what I am interested in. I am interested in the cleaning program that we are doing in Addu city. Many people, I heard saying that the leaders will not go from their roads or areas and therefore it is not so important to clean. Well, I don't think that will be an excellent idea. This is a momment Addu could really be proud to get. The Alhuhaa Eid, Vicotry Day, Republic Day and Saarc, all will be in a matter of a 2 weeks, if things goes well. Therefore it is very obvious that we expect many guests to visit Addu city. Let us not just put the responsibility on the government or its authorities alone. Let us all ask ourselves the simple question. What did I do to my city for the Saarc? Let us do what we could to ensu

The Exchange Rate Story (1)

Dollar rate is changed. Maldives currency lost the value. Our economy is going to collapse. We are getting poorer. These are some of the talks that has dominated our life in the past 3 days. All these came after the government announced a controlled floating of the Maldivian Ruffiyaa by 20% higher or lower to the pegged value of MRF12.85. In other words, the government permitted buying and selling of US Dollars between MRF10.28 to MRF 15.42 instead of the fixed rate. Many wonder what will be the outcome. Just like everything else is Maldives, several people decided the right or wrong of the decision taken depending on the political group or party they follow or believe in. Yet, this may not be the very right decision when it comes to our own economy. So, as someone who has interest in the topic, I thought of posting an article on this very matter. However, we need to know what this is, before we try to think of the impact it could bring on us. What is exchange rate actually? Exchange

A mega flight with mega idiots.

After almost one hour of delay, we were asked to board the plane. Tired after having to wait so long, I was in a hurry to go and take my seat. Everything settled after around 10 mins. All were on board and the plane was about to take off. A big plane with almost 220 or so people will not be just a simple thing. Surely there will be different types of people whom we could come across. Let me share what I saw. Ok, There were three guys. One of them could be in his mid 40s, and the other 2 in early 30s. Just few seconds after they got into the plane, they found a switch. "Hey what is this, there is a person drawn." the next person replied, that it must be something to "call those people"( cabin crew). They three observed this and decided to press it. WOW, there she came and said "kon kameh thoa beynun fulhu vanee" I just checked the switch. He replied confidently. She gave a smile and went off. It was then the captain announced that due to the traffic, we wi

Writer's Block

It was July 2008 that I started with this blog. Since then, I try to share what interests me, what disturbs me, or what I feel that people maybe interested to read. As days passes, as more and more articles comes and goes, there are times that I totally go blank. Times where I feel I ran out of topics to post on. At least the whole of June 2010 went without me writing a single article. It was recently that I came to learn that this is something common. Well, a common factor known as Writer's block. According to dictionary a writer's block is "A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing." So I tried to get some information regarding it and here is what I came to know. Writer's block. Writer's block or the writer's temporary inability to continue with his/her writing is a situation very often faced by writers. A dream no writer wishes to see. Many are faced with this problem and some desperate to find a solutio