Define Cleaning please.

It was 10th May 2010, when I posted on this blog an article under the name, 17th SAARC Summit in Addu............... Many laughed at me, many said it was almost impossible.

Today, Addu is too busy with the works to prepare the city for the international summit.

That is not what I am interested in. I am interested in the cleaning program that we are doing in Addu city. Many people, I heard saying that the leaders will not go from their roads or areas and therefore it is not so important to clean. Well, I don't think that will be an excellent idea. This is a momment Addu could really be proud to get. The Alhuhaa Eid, Vicotry Day, Republic Day and Saarc, all will be in a matter of a 2 weeks, if things goes well. Therefore it is very obvious that we expect many guests to visit Addu city.

Let us not just put the responsibility on the government or its authorities alone. Let us all ask ourselves the simple question. What did I do to my city for the Saarc?

Let us do what we could to ensure that the visitors to Addu city, sees the city as a clean, civilized and potential society. Let us not let down out forefathers for whom we are proud.

Yet, in this process, we also needs to keep in mind the words like environment, natural beauty etc...

Wondering why I said so?

This is a beautiful area that you could see near Hithadhoo Regional Hospital. Yes, the "kimbi vau". I sure love to go in that quiet and green area that is fully covered with leaves as if a garden.

Now, we cleaned the area!! So clean that its like your sitting room.

It is by seen this that I felt, we seriously needs to define cleaning. If cleaning is all about cutting down trees and removing every single leaf that falls down, I rather will love not to clean. Today, as I went for tea to a nearby restaurant from school, I saw many trees near the beach been "cleaned". I thought it is the roots of these trees that holds the soil tight in beach. Maybe I was wrong.

Now as for the Kimbi vau, I don't think anyone will say that the hundreds of thousands of leaves spread out there like a carpet is a garbage to be removed. Yet it is removed.

And almost all the small trees there are no more there. I am not saying that the area should be left like a garbage area. Nor I am saying that cutting a tree is a crime. But we need to do it in a way that the natural beauty is not lost. Now I am afraid that, tomorrow when I go to school early morning at 6:40, all the trees in Hitadhoo school will be "cleaned"

Maybe we need to define cleaning, or we may lose our natural beauty.