26 October 2009

Mr President. Mind your Language, if not Shut up

I was shocked to see the interview of President on CNN, where he very openly declared that Maldivians are fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That too according to him are in hundreds, at least few hundreds if not thousands.

This will certainly change how the world looks at our country. I do believe that every action possible should be taken to stop this yet, I do not believe, president should advertise it. Excuse me, if you say democracy, well, then shall we see him announce tomorrow that we are next to Mexico in drugs? Best in Asia in gang fights? It is true that there are few who Maldivians who fight and are involved with Taliban. Yet they are very few. Whether we like it or not, there are people in this country who do not believe in Islam. Will we tomorrow announce our nation as a multi-religious country.

It is better to take solid actions rather than talk and talk. How about a temporary halt to higher education chances in Pakistan if it is so out of control as president described? Moreover, yesterday in the news conference only president was talking about authentic questions. If then why don't president come up with an authentic source of his figures.

Come on. President. Mind your language. If not just shut up.

19 October 2009

The wheel is turning backwards... We need to fix soon (6)

Development is what everyone looks forward to. It is the dream of every person, family, society and nation to develop in one way or the other. However, achieving development is easier to be said than done.

Today, when we look at the development of our country, we focus on the roads, harbors, jetties and buildings. To put it in very simple term the infrastructure is what we are most concerned of. However, the reality is that infrastructure is not what all the development is about. It is only one of the pillars to development. Trust me, a single pillar will not hold a nation. We need more. It is sad to see that we are too careless of some of the very important factors for the survival and well being of a nation.

One of the most important factors that is needed for developing a nation is a CIVILIZED CITIZEN in the country. Are we civilized? Are we really civilized to develop and maintain a nation as developed in this 21st century. Though I love my nation, as someone who loves to speak the truth, I'd say we are not yet civilized. At least not enough yet.

1. The most fundamental factor that should be found in a civilized society is respect. The grave reality of today is that respect has become a once upon a time story in Maldives. Rulers don't respect citizens, citizens don't respect rulers. No respect to elders, parents, teachers, doctors, police, nurses, religious scholars and the list can go on. You can make my life easy by showing just one set of people in this country that people respect. None!!!

2. Next thing that we miss is tolerance. This is something I don't see from "top to bottom" in our beloved county. The best example of this could be seen in our Parliament. This is supposed to be one of the most respectable places in the country, yet in simple words our Parliament today is the olden day Vakarugey. Moreover, there is less tolerance in every aspect of our life today. We make anyone who is not agreeing with us a "bad guy", which of cause is not how it should be. We must learn to live with differences in opinion, yet so far we failed to do so, though we claim we are very democratic people.

As we lack these two, the impact that we are faced is enormous. Now that we have already ruined our generation with hatred to our own brother and sisters, and lack of mutual understanding and so many other mistakes, the wost thing that we'd do to our country will be to pass our "dark legacy" to the next generations. I am not saying we did not do anything right. Of cause we did. Yet, my point is that we can not be called as civilized if we pass down our stupidity to our own kids. If we do so, we are not going to see them as responsible citizens. If then, I am afraid the old days of this generation too will be one full of sorrow.

The old government has gone. That was the excuse most gave. Now are we still going to continue with the same fashion as earlier? Are we going to show to the next generation that the solution for every problem is protests? Are we still going to go on calling the respected people of this country by nick names? This is the time that we stop these things and try to be more of civilized type. The nation has already paid a too high cost for a regime change. There is no way we could afford to be destructive to this country than been constructive. What will you get by calling the police or MNDF by nick names. Believe me, you don't get anything. However you teach the kids of today, the bad habit once again. For just one moment, imagine the lessons students of Majiddiyya and Dharumavantha will learn by seeing these acts every time there is a bill discussed in Parliament.

Let me tell you something our Assistant Principal once told in our class while I was in grade 12.
"There are always better and more diplomatic ways of solving problems." I believe this is the message we need to give to our next generation. Not a message of nicknames, protests, and anything that is "anti".

17 October 2009

The Bangaalhee Story

"I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me . . . All I ask is that you respect me as a human being." Jackie Robinson.

Its been a while since I last updated the blog. There is something that keeps disturbing me. So thought to share with you all.

Maldives is famous throughout the world as a destination of peace and stability. A heaven on earth. A paradise of white sand. We all, as Maldivians feel happy and proud of it.
However, today I feel that there is something that we kept aside which we should not have.

Bangalhun, the labours, the workers, the garbage takers, the drivers, the plumbers, the wielders etc etc...

I have a question. You want to do something and you couldn't do it. I did it for you. Will you be thankful or will you be harming me?

The very reality is that this is what those Bangalhees are doing. What you could not do!!! Cleaning the junction that you cannot clean, doing the works you'd otherwise hesitate to do. In simple terms, making the impossible in your life to possible. However, its sad to see that our society accepts them as nothing more than animals. Yes, this is the truth. If not all, this is the large percentage.

Forget about the small pay they get compare to the hard work. How many of them are given proper food? How Many of them lives in a single cage? (I said cage not because I forgot the word room, but because that is the proper word). 20? 30? 40? Take a glance at our roads, if we see them, we look at them as though dirty. The harms given to them on roads is clear but always ignored.

Such an interesting part will be seen in our Jumhuree Maidhaan, how we treat them and how we treat the "dhon" tourists. Keep aside the story of Muslim Bangalhees and often non Muslim tourists. We cannot treat them well though they are Muslims. OK. Cant we treat them well because they are humans at least?

As every weekend they sit under the shade of our huge national flag, enjoying its protection, did we once even think that our proud nation gives them nothing more than humiliation even when they are giving us such valuable services.

Please ask one question to yourself. " Did you do your part in dealing them with respect as they are also humans just like you? DID YOU?"

Photo: flickr.com/photos/interstellarburst/2330017892/