26 October 2009

Mr President. Mind your Language, if not Shut up

I was shocked to see the interview of President on CNN, where he very openly declared that Maldivians are fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That too according to him are in hundreds, at least few hundreds if not thousands.

This will certainly change how the world looks at our country. I do believe that every action possible should be taken to stop this yet, I do not believe, president should advertise it. Excuse me, if you say democracy, well, then shall we see him announce tomorrow that we are next to Mexico in drugs? Best in Asia in gang fights? It is true that there are few who Maldivians who fight and are involved with Taliban. Yet they are very few. Whether we like it or not, there are people in this country who do not believe in Islam. Will we tomorrow announce our nation as a multi-religious country.

It is better to take solid actions rather than talk and talk. How about a temporary halt to higher education chances in Pakistan if it is so out of control as president described? Moreover, yesterday in the news conference only president was talking about authentic questions. If then why don't president come up with an authentic source of his figures.

Come on. President. Mind your language. If not just shut up.


  1. i totally agree with u rappe......
    without any fact how can he say tht "few hundreds" ....few hundreds is also big figure to our small nation.

  2. he is sick and needs to be laid.

  3. he could have settled that problem with in the country. i think he is in mood to get famous now. he loves that i think.

  4. president nasheed akee baeh gadithakuga hamaiga hunnnan beynun nuvaa myheh thoahcheh. baeh gadi thakuga dhakkaa vaahaka thakun hama 100% hamain nettifa hunna myhakaa vaththaru. i think it'll take a few days without calling him 'isthiufaa'. even now our nation needs him to be changed. islaam dhynuge vas ves dhuvaafa neiy anni eh kanneynge.

  5. shafiu:
    what a president............
    i guess he gave this interview while he was high

  6. President is out of his mind... I think he is spending too much time in front of media and now falling in love with them... and using it to win Nobel next year.

  7. He is definitely wrong but lets give him some leeway. Here are the reasons.
    1. our president is not used to hardtalk like questions from foreign journalists having being accustomed to "which is your favourite colour?" like questions from our local media... so this is a slip of a tongue..
    2. our president needs lots of attention at the moment.. like the ousted Honduran president Zelaya. To keep the spotlight going, he inadvertently hit a raw nerve which makes us feel pain... real pain. buts lets forgive..
    3. We need lots of foreign assistance to fill state coffers which were all but emptied in the last days of the former government. So the president needs all the sympathy he can garner out from the West. Now west loves islam bashing... so the president inadvertently equated islam with intolerance... which is very bad for our image as a people.

    lots of more reasons...

  8. i would forgive him, only if he would listen next time.

  9. to the guy who said we need to give the president a break because he is accustomed to answering to 'whats your fav colour?'..

    no offense, but isnt the president of maldives (who has experience in news media btw!) supposed to know more than what his fav color is????
    it was a stupid and irresponsible thing to do, im not saying everything he does is included in this category but this definitely is. and by excusing him...we are treating him like how we treat a five year old. we are talking about a grown intelligent person here not our little baby boy!! he needs to face up to his actions and stop making such stupid mistakes over and over again...

  10. @Premier Joseph Stalin: I have no idea why those Chinese comments coming. Indeed every time I sign in, there are such comments which I use to remove.


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