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Maldives: A Failing State.

The news of the death of  Lawyer Mr. Ahmed Najeeb shocked me. May God bless Mr. Najeeb. Yet, it was what followed the murder,  that tempted me to go back to my blog.  The police investigations ended in a matter of 24 hrs. Prosecutor general studied the case and  sent to court in more or less than 6 hours and withing another few hours the court filed the case against the suspected murderers.  Now the court says they will reach a sentence within just 10 days. WOW , WOW!!!  That was great. Congrats to the police, the prosecutors and the courts of justice.  Well. Back to my topic...."Maldives: A Failing State." I said this, so for a reason. I feel there are grave mistakes in our nation. Mistakes that we simply should not commit, or mistakes that the nation can not afford at any cost. Surely they have huge impacts on our life.  The very basic principle that any nation stands will be unity, equality and rule of law. These are  essential basis without which the nation can not