29 October 2008

Thank you....Mr. Maumoon.

Today is a very historical day for the Maldives. Today's sun raised with the good tiding to many(not all) Maldivians that the president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has lost the run off election with Mr. Mohamed Nasheed (Anni).Of cause it is a heart breaking news for people in favor of Mr. Maumoon who ruled this country for 30 years. As I came home from dawn prayer, I did hear many people saying "eid mubaarak", as though they got a real Eid. Tell you the truth, I too didn't vote Maumoon and even I was looking for a change.
But as I see the time for change arrives, I just wonder about something.
We always say we are 100% Muslims. We feel proud to say we are Maldivians. We feel strong in saying we are brothers.
Here I share with you a very small story that a maths teacher told while I was in grade 9. hmmm 8years back...here it goes

There were four friends, Somebody,Nobody,Everybody and Anybody!!!Now... There was a task to be done. if SOMEBODY did it, EVERYBODY could have got the credit of it. ANYBODY could have done it, yet at the end, NOBODY did it.

hey that's the end of the story!! Don't expect it to be another Alif Laila.
Now you may wonder what am talking about. OK. Back to topic.
As we all know that many of us are very much involved in the celebration of the opposition winning the runoff in the presidential election. Let me tell you one thing. Believe it or not, we like him or not, Mr Maumoon in his 30 years as the president of this country did many things for us and our nation. Now don't blame me for this statement. I am not saying he did what he should have done, nor I am claiming that he did enough. my point is that he did at least some thing.
So, as the story mentioned goes, let me be the somebody to do what anybody could have done.
MR. Maumoon. You have been ruling this country for 3long decades. Maybe we did not like how you did it. But surely you did it. And now that your opposition has won the election, I guess this will be the very last fortnight of you in office. Maybe others are too busy with celebrations of their success. Maybe your supporters are too upset about the result. Therefore, Mr. Maumoon. Thank you for every thing good that you have done to this nation in your long period of presidency. I as a child of this nation, sincerely thank you. May Allah forgive you and we all.

11 October 2008

Cheating God...

This Friday, I attended a funeral at Aasaharaa. There I came across a so called "funeral custom" that many Maldivians often practice, which I found very odd.
According to our (Muslim) religious believes, the person after his/her death will be questioned. Hey I am not going to say I don't believe in that!! I have some other problem.
As the coffin was covered, and the burial was getting over, the Imam who was leading the funeral did something on which we have a very different belief. Indeed I'd say a stupid belief. This Imam reads out or recites a Dhuaa (prayer) to the dead body. It's ok. But that’s not the problem. The problem is how we do it and what we believe towards it.
As Muslims we believe that the person will be asked some questions. So we try to cheat God by giving the answer to those questions. Huh... the angel is asking questions to the slave of God, and the other slaves of God are mocking the angels by mimicking the answers. Oh this sounds ridiculous!!! Yet, this is what they do. The Imam sits near and says a recites…which goes something like this.....
“Oh...Bother/sister of Islam…There is no God but Allah...Our religion is Islam…book is Quran...Prophet is Mohamed (PBUH)…the pillars of Islam are testimony to one God and His Prophet…five times prayers…paying alms… performing pilgrimage….” And so it continues.
We know that theses questions will be asked so we stay on top and give the answers. Now you tell me. Is it right to copy in an exam? Is it logical to allow to copy in a test. At last is it believable with common sense that we could cheat God this way. As I always say, I have shown the facts on ground now you’d know the rest of it.

Photo: www.flickr.com/photos/ajoo/584897472/

09 October 2008

i report 2008 election experiences

I got a chance to wear the "official card" and be part of the process of voting. Let me share few things I came across.

I applied to give a helping hand in this historical election via Faculty of Education (FE)as they put a nice advertisement asking to use this golden opportunity. Though they put an advertisement, they dealt with it in a very irresponsible and unprofessional manner. The many forms that students of FE filled were held without submitting to Elections Commission in FE till the due date passed.hmmm guess a good step towards democracy from our going to be university. So i got a chance to join on the evening of election day.

Anyway...i went to Dharubaaruge at 19:30 ON 8TH Oct. First few hours for eating drinking and yea...toilet too...

Then came the time..we were asked to go to elections commission. Its was to take a polling booth to Villingili( Villinmale' according to them). There I saw everything in jeopardy. We were asked to take a polling box and two poll booths there. Believe me they were searching for the list of voter even then(00:30 around 3hrs after the time set to close the poll). Then we went to Villingili ferry terminal and found that there wasn't any launch and had to spend a lot of time there. We reached Villingil and called the person whom according to the election commission will be waiting to receive us. The answer was simple...how can I leave this place and go to jetty now? Quiet sensible dho..as he was in charge of election there. That makes sense but the other part of the conversation seems very interesting to me. Here I am talking about 3 guys and 3girls(non of them attended the election training) taking a ballet box, two voting booths and the documents of voting and waiting at Villingili jetty for a vehicle at 2:00 midnight. Yet we were asked to carry it. come on. Not a point of the distance. But does it really makes sense when we carry ballet boxes and voting booths on our shoulders as if our grandmothers carried Dharubondi?? Whatever we went as they asked.
Oh my God..it was 2:00 and I was shocked to see as many as 400 people packed inside the small area waiting to vote. That was OK. But will you not laugh when I tell you that they had one extra ballet box and they told that they will not be using that even. So just guess how organized when they send still another box!!! no comments from me!

Election went till 4:20 and i felt that the list was almost useless, as no one had to worry if they were registered or not. Guess even you would have been able to vote a couple of times if you tried...hahaha;. Then I saw a wonderful session of sleeping. Not just the observers but most of the people who were organizing the ballot too. Maybe because there were 15 police in that small area:p. After 4long hours of waiting and sleeping, counting began at 8:45. I did see that the counting was quite transparent. Just will tell you one thing that I noticed. Maybe I am not as good as them in reading. But when I read the notice fixed outside the voting area, what I understood is that the tick must be put inside the box. There was very clearly a box shown inside which we were supposed to tick when we vote. But I found that they did count the votes with the tick on the logo of the candidate(opposite to box). I read the note several times yet found no means to say that it is a right decision. huh I am too a small guy for decision making dho..

05 October 2008

A Teachers request

Today is 5th October; the day world celebrates as the teacher’s day. Every year on this day we see some celebrations going on. Even today 'our education minister' Ms. Zahiya Zareer gave a nice speech with beautiful words, wonderful sentences and uncountable praises
I just wonder if this is how it should be done. Does our society accept the role of teachers? I don’t think so. If so, I should justify my point, Right? Here it is.
The governments always remember the teachers on 5th October...That is when the honorable education minister sends his/her remarkable speech with so much of praising and thanks to the teachers. This will be the time to remind the teachers of their duty, warn the teacher of their responsibility, and show them where they have failed. hehehe happy teacher’s day. Remarkably this year’s teacher’s day is very important. This big day comes just few months after many teachers stayed back at home for one day due to the low pay. It is very important that we recall what happened then. We did see how some of our MP’s tried to change the image of teachers. In very simple terms, we did see some trying to make teachers to cheaters.
This is also true with the parents and students with whom the teachers are to deal around the year. The truth is that the teachers are doing what the parents could not do for their own kids. Yet, they often are very keen to blame the teachers rather than accepting what they did. The unfortunate reality is that in our society, teacher s are not respected by students, accepted by many parents, and valued by government. IT is only on teacher’s day that everyone knows that teachers do a Nobel job.
Now on this teacher’s day, I, as someone who is among this group of teachers have one humble request. Please... please… please... Don’t send us gifts via the students. Don’t send us cards either. That is not going to make teachers happy. A card send once a year and those gifts are nothing compared to accepting the works of teachers. That is more than enough.
At the end…I wish all the teachers a happy teacher’s day and hope and wish for a day our society will recognize the work of teachers.