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Thank you....Mr. Maumoon.

Today is a very historical day for the Maldives. Today's sun raised with the good tiding to many(not all) Maldivians that the president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has lost the run off election with Mr. Mohamed Nasheed (Anni).Of cause it is a heart breaking news for people in favor of Mr. Maumoon who ruled this country for 30 years. As I came home from dawn prayer, I did hear many people saying "eid mubaarak", as though they got a real Eid. Tell you the truth, I too didn't vote Maumoon and even I was looking for a change. But as I see the time for change arrives, I just wonder about something. We always say we are 100% Muslims. We feel proud to say we are Maldivians. We feel strong in saying we are brothers. Here I share with you a very small story that a maths teacher told while I was in grade 9. hmmm 8years it goes There were four friends, Somebody,Nobody,Everybody and Anybody!!!Now... There was a task to be done. if SOMEBODY did it, EVERYBODY could have got

Cheating God...

This Friday, I attended a funeral at Aasaharaa. There I came across a so called "funeral custom" that many Maldivians often practice, which I found very odd. According to our (Muslim) religious believes, the person after his/her death will be questioned. Hey I am not going to say I don't believe in that!! I have some other problem. As the coffin was covered, and the burial was getting over, the Imam who was leading the funeral did something on which we have a very different belief. Indeed I'd say a stupid belief. This Imam reads out or recites a Dhuaa (prayer) to the dead body. It's ok. But that’s not the problem. The problem is how we do it and what we believe towards it. As Muslims we believe that the person will be asked some questions. So we try to cheat God by giving the answer to those questions. Huh... the angel is asking questions to the slave of God, and the other slaves of God are mocking the angels by mimicking the answers. Oh this sounds ridiculous!!!

i report 2008 election experiences

I got a chance to wear the "official card" and be part of the process of voting. Let me share few things I came across. I applied to give a helping hand in this historical election via Faculty of Education (FE)as they put a nice advertisement asking to use this golden opportunity. Though they put an advertisement, they dealt with it in a very irresponsible and unprofessional manner. The many forms that students of FE filled were held without submitting to Elections Commission in FE till the due date passed.hmmm guess a good step towards democracy from our going to be university. So i got a chance to join on the evening of election day. Anyway...i went to Dharubaaruge at 19:30 ON 8TH Oct. First few hours for eating drinking and yea...toilet too... Then came the time..we were asked to go to elections commission. Its was to take a polling booth to Villingili( Villinmale' according to them). There I saw everything in jeopardy. We were asked to take a polling box and two pol