Thank you....Mr. Maumoon.

Today is a very historical day for the Maldives. Today's sun raised with the good tiding to many(not all) Maldivians that the president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has lost the run off election with Mr. Mohamed Nasheed (Anni).Of cause it is a heart breaking news for people in favor of Mr. Maumoon who ruled this country for 30 years. As I came home from dawn prayer, I did hear many people saying "eid mubaarak", as though they got a real Eid. Tell you the truth, I too didn't vote Maumoon and even I was looking for a change.
But as I see the time for change arrives, I just wonder about something.
We always say we are 100% Muslims. We feel proud to say we are Maldivians. We feel strong in saying we are brothers.
Here I share with you a very small story that a maths teacher told while I was in grade 9. hmmm 8years it goes

There were four friends, Somebody,Nobody,Everybody and Anybody!!!Now... There was a task to be done. if SOMEBODY did it, EVERYBODY could have got the credit of it. ANYBODY could have done it, yet at the end, NOBODY did it.

hey that's the end of the story!! Don't expect it to be another Alif Laila.
Now you may wonder what am talking about. OK. Back to topic.
As we all know that many of us are very much involved in the celebration of the opposition winning the runoff in the presidential election. Let me tell you one thing. Believe it or not, we like him or not, Mr Maumoon in his 30 years as the president of this country did many things for us and our nation. Now don't blame me for this statement. I am not saying he did what he should have done, nor I am claiming that he did enough. my point is that he did at least some thing.
So, as the story mentioned goes, let me be the somebody to do what anybody could have done.
MR. Maumoon. You have been ruling this country for 3long decades. Maybe we did not like how you did it. But surely you did it. And now that your opposition has won the election, I guess this will be the very last fortnight of you in office. Maybe others are too busy with celebrations of their success. Maybe your supporters are too upset about the result. Therefore, Mr. Maumoon. Thank you for every thing good that you have done to this nation in your long period of presidency. I as a child of this nation, sincerely thank you. May Allah forgive you and we all.