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STOP the STRIKES ....or get ready to kick the bucket.

I hope the cartoon itself made the point very clear. Believing the reality happens to be the last thing that we'd prefer to do. This is the case with our economy right now. According to finance sector of our country, we spend 65% of recurrent expenses to the pay bill or paying the salary of the civil servants. Our economy is in a bad state due to a long mismanagement. I am not saying that Maumoon or anyone did it. That's not my point and I am not concerned now of who did it. The important point is that, the economy is in a bad shape now. And we are making the situation even worse. I am of cause not an economist, yet as this is the place where I myself was also borne, at least I could say what I feel. After all they say there is freedom of expression. There are certain factors that we could suspect are going to be an alarm for a dark days ahead. The country is undergoing one of the fastest and major changes this nation ever came across. This (the changes) itself make this no goo

What I dont like about Anni and his MDP

The topic itself maybe more than enough for some of you to label me as a Golhaa group member!! Let me put it in the most clear manner. I am neither a Golhabo nor a Ganjabo. hehe Hopefully its equal to me saying I am not a member of either MDP or DRP:) This time I'd like to take my time to think of something that I don't like about Anni or his party MDP. I'd call it DOUBLE TAPE WORDS. You may call it political tricks. Some may say it political weakness and so on. Double Tape words are, for me the words whose meaning keeps on changing according to the situation. The rule of this is very simple. Whatever the opponents say, no matter how right it is, tends to be considered useless and baseless. Here are few examples. 1. At first during the period of re writing the constitution, MDP first supported presidential system. Indeed there will be many who still remember the good comments Anni said about presidential system. Like a sunrise to a new day, everything was new just the other

Maumoon's "Gold" toilet at last......

So at last the photo appeared on BBC website too. The world came to know this I guess. This photo is taken from BBC website and here is the link to the article.

Private President.

Things seems to be changing a lot in our country. The president changed, ministers changed, ministries changed and a lot seems to be changing. It will not be an exaggeration for me to say that this is a very small country that's successfully bringing changes overnight, which some large and more developed counties took years or decades to bring. That sounds great!! Isn't it??? Here one of the big change that we often hear now a days is privatizing. Privatization, as far as I know is for the government to give away control of a nay particular organization and give it to the private people to run and manage. If to be very clear, it is,changing something from state to private ownership or control.(1) We already heard about privatizing some major companies like MIFCO, MWSP, STELCo, MNSL. That's interesting. Indeed I thinks its a very good idea which has sound reasons to it in terms of our economy as well. Today, once again we heard of another privatization package. The privatiz

ADDU International School: Are You OK Dr. Musthofa???

According to Jazeera news paper, next week the government is going to open the opportunity to begin an international school in Addu. As someone who was borne and brought up in Addu, I am glade that at least something is done in our Atoll. However, I am more concerned that we are moving one step backwards by opening an International school in Addu, given the present situation. I am saying this not just to say something. I do have reasons to believe this. Before I come up with my argument, let me give a brief idea about school system in Addu right now. Firstly this international school in anyhow will be opened in Hithadhoo. There are 3 secondary schools in Hithadhoo. Two are government and one private school which is no more in operations. Muhibbudin School is the longest serving secondary school in an atoll which has a student capacity of nearly 900 in this year. The previously know Southern Secondary School which held "The Model School" position also accommodates nearly 20

Can Bushry Escape with his CLub

Since I saw keyoniru I always tried to read any articles written by Mohamed Bushry . His articles I found as good, meaningful and productive. If anyone says Mohamed Bushry or mentions his blog Club Escape , the first thing that will come to mind maybe opposition or critics. Things seems to be different now. Maybe a result of the newly elected Democratic government. It is true that the government of Mohamed Nasheed is and hopefully will do much better than that of the previous president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom . But that really doesn't mean that we should keep silent about anything and everything that the governemnt do. It'd be like giving the same chance to Mr. Nasheed as we gave to Mr. Maumoon . Supporting the government need not necessarily mean that saying "YES SIR" to anything and everything that the government says. I see this YES SIR trend in Mr. Bushry's articles now. I am not against Bushry . But just mentioned it simply because I very much like his

President Nasheed's Madhiri Merun Cup 2009

Today I saw this article about a competition to kill rats in Bangladesh to fight the ever increasing population of rats in that country. So I just wonder how will it be for us to carry out a competition to kill mosquitoes in our islands. Come on, this will be something worth trying. Surely our government can give a prize much better than a 14inch TV. People say we have brought about a change to the government, so why not the government too brings a change like this? I guess this will be a good plan for President Nasheed to make us get rid of mosquitoes, plus probably a good idea for someone like Nasheed who is looking for an economic, yet productive change. Photo:(Cartoon) (Nasheedh)

International Schools or International fees?

Today another INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is to begin. EPSS is going to become an international school. But what is this international schools all about??? For me, the international schools in Maldives means nothing more than schools with international fees. International schools are schools that cater mainly to children who are not nationals of the host country, often the children of the staff of international businesses, international organizations, embassies, missions, or missionary programs. They are also often popular with local students who wish to improve their language skills. Often, international schools are private but public international schools exist. I say so for few reasons. 1. These international schools are going to be giving international certificates. What about the poor schools of Maldives? Is the INTERNATIONAL GCSE not an international certificate? 2. The teachers are from other countries. Same is the case in most of

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Its almost two months since I last posted on blog spot. As now I am back in Male' I hope to start once again. So!!! I'm back on Blog spot.