18 February 2009

Maumoon's "Gold" toilet at last......

So at last the photo appeared on BBC website too. The world came to know this I guess. This photo is taken from BBC website and here is the link to the article.


  1. All the allegation against me are untrue, hahahaha what a joke

  2. He says it all belongs to the state but for whose comfort did the state provided this and whose idea was this to build a palace when islanders were crying for their basic needs such as fresh water , electricity and harbours for the islands to link their livelihood to the rest of the market and to get out from poverty. Sacrificing all this the state decided to build a palace and bought a yacht for the comfort of the first family. He also have the brains to say no even for this. Whose influence is this.... the wife, kids or family extended members or was it his own idea. If so Mr ex president you are very selfish.


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