What I dont like about Anni and his MDP

The topic itself maybe more than enough for some of you to label me as a Golhaa group member!! Let me put it in the most clear manner. I am neither a Golhabo nor a Ganjabo. hehe Hopefully its equal to me saying I am not a member of either MDP or DRP:)

This time I'd like to take my time to think of something that I don't like about Anni or his party MDP.

I'd call it DOUBLE TAPE WORDS. You may call it political tricks. Some may say it political weakness and so on.
Double Tape words are, for me the words whose meaning keeps on changing according to the situation. The rule of this is very simple. Whatever the opponents say, no matter how right it is, tends to be considered useless and baseless.

Here are few examples.

1. At first during the period of re writing the constitution, MDP first supported presidential system. Indeed there will be many who still remember the good comments Anni said about presidential system. Like a sunrise to a new day, everything was new just the other day because DRP supported it. Later on there seemed nothing so much bad as a presidential system of government.

2. The famous back door member or the valu dhorashi of the Majlis. They were labeled as traitors to the country who killed the democracy and hinder the CHANGE that was taking place. Oh my God. They became like angels from heaven when appointed by MDP president Anni.

3. The influence of president directly or indirectly to any election under any circumstance was told to us as a big crime when it comes to Maumoon. Is the story very different now? I think so.

Maybe three example is enough for me. There maybe some who'd like to share more such examples too. I wish to see a day when these parties and the party leaders use a dictionary that we also can see. Not a dictionary that gives them the desired meaning at the desired times. Or simply not a double tape dictionary.