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An Evening with Professor Ugail

Last night I got the opportunity to listen to the very inspiring and informative session at Sharafuddin School, by Professor Ugail. Surely I did not even once thought that the programme will be marked as one of the largest gathering for a public lecture in Addu City recently. A lot of information, experience and advice were shared by the Professor and I thought to post on few point that I noticed very interesting or informative. I am not claiming to give you a summary of his lecture or rather discussion. As a student in Nooraanee School he explained having used black boot painted in white for a year just because that was the only option he had. Now, for us, the Maldivians, education is free, exam fees are free, a voucher for purchasing school items are given. Could this be one reason education is not so well valued by the present generations? Just what I thought while sitting there. The importance of reading, was another point Prof. Ugail highlighted. He advised to make readi