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Today MVR 1 billion. Tomorrow US$1 billion?

The hundred day of this government was very much celebrated. Yet, did you know today we are counting the 139th day since the Audit report of the largest corruption ever in the nation was published. I am talking about this because I belong to this nation, and I am talking about a MVR1.22 billion taken out of the state. Well, in a nation where in 2016 the na tional budget was MVR 27 billion, and we are saying 4.5% of the national budget equivalent was taken by one corruption scandal.  As per the government of President Mr. Yamin, this was the notorious act of then his vice president Mr. Ahmed Adheeb.  However, there are reason why, I as a son of this nation feel disturbed. There are reason to be concerned of as I am talking of the money that does not belong to any one or any family, but rather belong to every citizen of this beloved nation.  Interestingly, according to the audit report, the one reason why a corruption of this scale occurred was due to ignoring of the