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My response to the State minister of Education's statement that education system failed.

Yesterday, I read an article on haveeru daily in which the state minister of education Mr. Imad Solih declared the national education system as failed. I read the article 2-3 times. I noticed one thing. Just like we always do, we made the bold statement that it failed. We did not go beyond. Since he in the end of his interview called to give a thought, and since I happened to be someone who tries to share what I feel about education issues, I thought to share my thought on this. I don't like to go on repeating that it has failed. Rather I will put it as, there are serious issues that is leading to what they call as a failure. We need to talk of it and face the truth. Here I will highlight 8 areas that I feel requires immediate attention of stakeholders. 1- Mishandling of lower grades. The primary education in Maldives has been the official foundation of studies. However, there are problems that needs to be given attention in this area. Very often, if not in capital Male'