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tO: mY DeAr edUcatiOn minisTer

Dear madam, I sure am not your advisor, nor someone who has the capacity to do it. However, as someone who happened to be one of the several people who works under your ministry, I feel its not going to give me a curse even if I express what I feel. At least, that is what I hope. The sudden closure of studies from grade 1 to 9 during Ramlhaan this year was a very unexpected and sudden decision. Let me make my view very clear. I do agree that it'd be a right decision to halt school during Ramlhaan, BUT, it must never be a last minute decision. I believe that the decision was made in a hurry and without any proper planing. Well, I was not in the meeting room when this big discussion was going on, yet there are reasons why I could believe that it was a decision made in hurry. The 3 or more circulars that came regarding the decision, the very late information from the ministry regarding a "home work" to be handed over to parents, and the WONDERFUL reasons given to m