tO: mY DeAr edUcatiOn minisTer

Dear madam,

I sure am not your advisor, nor someone who has the capacity to do it.

However, as someone who happened to be one of the several people who works under your ministry, I feel its not going to give me a curse even if I express what I feel. At least, that is what I hope.

The sudden closure of studies from grade 1 to 9 during Ramlhaan this year was a very unexpected and sudden decision. Let me make my view very clear. I do agree that it'd be a right decision to halt school during Ramlhaan, BUT, it must never be a last minute decision. I believe that the decision was made in a hurry and without any proper planing. Well, I was not in the meeting room when this big discussion was going on, yet there are reasons why I could believe that it was a decision made in hurry.

The 3 or more circulars that came regarding the decision, the very late information from the ministry regarding a "home work" to be handed over to parents, and the WONDERFUL reasons given to media regarding the closure are enough reasons to believe that the decision was without proper planning and coordination. I don't know about planning part, but at least with a Coordinator, I expected it to be going well.

Trust me, it was more than stupid when someone senior  from the education sector of a nation comes up to tell that studying during Ramlhaan does not bring a result, when the same seniors have already made a big decision. Yes, the decision that grade 10 to 12 will be studying (during this no outcomes period), and they are the only students who are tested by an international exam body. In short, the ones who are to bring a result are sent to school during a time when even ministry believes that a  result cant be brought. Sounds a bit crazy for me.

If we close the schools during Ramlhan, the value students put on Ramlhan could change. They hopefully will feel that it is really a time for them to improve on their spirituality. But why I say this time the decision is wrong because it was given at a too short a notice. And the impact is huge.
I'd just end this post by giving few impacts the sudden changes that we saw will have on education sector and to society as a whole.

1- The scheme of work that every school will prepare varies, and they never expected holidays. In other words, the schemes will have to be modified with almost 40 periods per subject reduced.

2- The school academic calenders and the activities that the schools would have planned now will go in vain, with a lot of activities having to be postponed.

3- It is the first time I heard government asks some employees to report and they have practically nothing much to be done. Is MOE forcing the teachers to take salary without having much work, that too during Ramlhan? Ooops no comment!

4- Hundred of man in this nation works in resorts and else where out of home island. They will have to reserve their vacations so far in advance to make sure they reach the family when kids are free at home. Now what will happen to these people who comes home during vaccation? Sorry those fathers! Your kids midterm break will already be over before you reach home.

5- Medicals? Oh no. They would have toiled so much to save some money to take this member or that member to Male' or abroad for some treatments. Now the plans has to be changed. For the worse, those who have already taken tickets to get at lower rates, sorry guys, MOE wasn't aware of your plans either.

6- Teachers. Well in Male' it seems teachers will have workshops to about the syllabus to be launched next year. The teachers in other islands, keep gossiping! Go door to door giving the homework ministry asked! Stay nicely though maybe your plans for the term break are broken.

Well, these impacts will come. But then I hope one day, in my beloved nation, people will realise that Education and Defence are two serious areas. Two sectors that are "forbidden fruits" unless and until  very carefully planned and the home work on effects and impact studied. God Bless Maldives.