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Wearing the wrong coat

Political instability is once again back. Our roads are full of protesters. Many are worried that the nation is losing its stability, peace, and the brotherhood among its members. Yet, why did this happen? Let me make this as simple as this. The political instability that we see in our country is a mere result of what we did with our own hands. Its not only that the two big parties are involved in these protests and violence, it is they who are to be blamed as well. This is how it happened. Before 2008 election. MDP At this time MDP was in opposition and DRP was in the government. MDP as the first political party in the nation was the leader in opposition. As a leading opposition party, MDP was hell bent on bringing down the Maumoon government. With this in mind, MDP was ready to do almost anything to weaken the government. Protests became a daily routine in Maldives. The Maldives Police Service; then a very new body, nearly broke down by trying to cope with the unimaginable situations

Adhaalath Party sponsored Islam

I never wanted to write this article, but thought I'd not be making any justice by not writing this either. Islam, the religion was and has been a big topic in Maldivian politics always. This became more visible with the introduction of political parties in the country. As someone who tries to understand what is going on around the nation, I always found that Islam was used as a tool and political shield. When you know that your facing a too tough a challenge politically, it is Islam that becomes the last resort. In the political stage of Maldives, when one mentions the name Islam, the first name that comes to mind will be Adhaalath. To be very frank, I never doubted their genuineness as they struggled in the process of reform and bringing down the government of President Maumoon. Many Maldivians say that Adhaalath is the only 'Islamic' party in Maldives. (I wonder which is the non-Muslim party) Today, I feel comfortable enough to say that Adhaalath is either becoming the b