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I too have a dream.

It was on a Wednesday, 28 th August 1963 , that very famous speech of Martin Luther King was given calling for an end to racism in Unites States of America. Today, nearly 50 years later, the Addu city is up with the same word. “I have a Dream”. This time is not a dream to fight racism but a dream to build a better city. Now I been someone who has a stake in Addu; at least because I was borne and brought up here, I believe it’s worthwhile for me to express my dream too. Come on. Why not? We are in the era of democracy.  Freedom to express, we say, is the best part of democracy. Well, frankly speaking… I don’t have much big a dream yet. Might be because I am not so open-minded and I am unable to focus what is ahead of us. Let it be. I will tell my dreams. I have a dream….. that one day I will be able to go on link road without the 2 nd largest garbage area in this nation be by side. I have a dream….. that one day in Addu we will see a medical facility where a

My response to the State minister of Education's statement that education system failed.

Yesterday, I read an article on haveeru daily in which the state minister of education Mr. Imad Solih declared the national education system as failed. I read the article 2-3 times. I noticed one thing. Just like we always do, we made the bold statement that it failed. We did not go beyond. Since he in the end of his interview called to give a thought, and since I happened to be someone who tries to share what I feel about education issues, I thought to share my thought on this. I don't like to go on repeating that it has failed. Rather I will put it as, there are serious issues that is leading to what they call as a failure. We need to talk of it and face the truth. Here I will highlight 8 areas that I feel requires immediate attention of stakeholders. 1- Mishandling of lower grades. The primary education in Maldives has been the official foundation of studies. However, there are problems that needs to be given attention in this area. Very often, if not in capital Male'

Maldives: A Failing State.

The news of the death of  Lawyer Mr. Ahmed Najeeb shocked me. May God bless Mr. Najeeb. Yet, it was what followed the murder,  that tempted me to go back to my blog.  The police investigations ended in a matter of 24 hrs. Prosecutor general studied the case and  sent to court in more or less than 6 hours and withing another few hours the court filed the case against the suspected murderers.  Now the court says they will reach a sentence within just 10 days. WOW , WOW!!!  That was great. Congrats to the police, the prosecutors and the courts of justice.  Well. Back to my topic...."Maldives: A Failing State." I said this, so for a reason. I feel there are grave mistakes in our nation. Mistakes that we simply should not commit, or mistakes that the nation can not afford at any cost. Surely they have huge impacts on our life.  The very basic principle that any nation stands will be unity, equality and rule of law. These are  essential basis without which the nation can not

What happned? What will happen?

Today surely is a historical day for Maldives. After 22 days of protest against president Nasheed's regime, the regime has been brought down with the support of police and later on military in a matter of 7 hours. Why did this happen? This is what we need to look back. The regime of president Nasheed was toppled easily due to many reason. Lets start on. President Nasheed came to seat with the support of many political parties and majority of the voters in 2008 election. With that a 30 year regime of president Maumoon came to an end. President President Nasheed in his first address gave a wording that touched many hearts and souls. "Be humble on success and be patient on failure." The first problem was that not everyone in the government was ready to take that as a slogan. Many including some seniors were too keen to go on with retaliation, spread of hate against the previous government and its members. This specially was seen in the Parliament of the nation

Our National Day

Today is the national Day of Maldives. A day to be proud of the nation we belong to. And a day to think about the nation. This is the moment for us to look at the nation, think and decide on what we need for the nation. Early morning, we did host the national flag around the nation. We did pray for Maldives to be a prosperous nation. So I just opned the browser and checked the daily online newspapers. To my surprise, only one news paper reported anything about the National Day. That too was a report saying the national Day started with protest, and fierce confrontations between pro and anti government protesters. Let us look at the real picture of our nation .  The nations today is in a situation that everyone is so concerened of. Cheif judge of the criminal court is "taken" by the Maldivian military for the National security reasons. Protesters are on the road, conforntations between police and protesters, protesters from pro and anit government are on rise. J