Our National Day

Today is the national Day of Maldives. A day to be proud of the nation we belong to. And a day to think about the nation. This is the moment for us to look at the nation, think and decide on what we need for the nation.

Early morning, we did host the national flag around the nation. We did pray for Maldives to be a prosperous nation. So I just opned the browser and checked the daily online newspapers. To my surprise, only one news paper reported anything about the National Day. That too was a report saying the national Day started with protest, and fierce confrontations between pro and anti government protesters. Let us look at the real picture of our nation

The nations today is in a situation that everyone is so concerened of. Cheif judge of the criminal court is "taken" by the Maldivian military for the National security reasons. Protesters are on the road, conforntations between police and protesters, protesters from pro and anit government are on rise. Justice system, president says is almost on a halt and opposition accuses government of moving close to a dictatorship.

The paradise on earth turned to democracy yesterday, and now the same place is more or less moving away from rule of law and moving backwards on the road of democracy. Disrespecting the educated and the seniors in the nation, now has turned as a normal part of life.  More problems and confrontations, many more accusations and abuse of pover on every angel is making people fedup and helpless of the dreams they had for thier nation with the rise of democracy. 

I wish that is the end of the problems we have. Yet if one could believe me, that is just a beginning. Today, as we do all these very immature things just with the colour of party thinking in mind, OUR CHILDREN ARE LEARNING FROM US. 

Today, on the TVs and Radio channels, we will talk about our nation. We will show our proud history and we will say we are proud to be Maldivians. We used to hear that we are so peaceful, we don't have fight, anyone can live here without any fear, we love each other, help each other and care each other. Yet! Alas!!! That is history.

We have too many problems, and too much to be fixed. Today, on the national day, I wish that everyone who belongs to the nation think about our future. 

Our Nation begs from her children for an action.  Let us show to the coming generations, a nation they could be proud of. Let us try to fix the national unity before it is too late. Let  education system focus a lot to mold the minds of the children for a better  nations. If we fail to do this today, tomorrow we will be faced with a nation that no more is a paradise on earth.  God bless us. God bless Maldives. 

Photo: Shaad Ali