What happned? What will happen?

Today surely is a historical day for Maldives.

After 22 days of protest against president Nasheed's regime, the regime has been brought down with the support of police and later on military in a matter of 7 hours.

Why did this happen?
This is what we need to look back. The regime of president Nasheed was toppled easily due to many reason.
Lets start on. President Nasheed came to seat with the support of many political parties and majority of the voters in 2008 election. With that a 30 year regime of president Maumoon came to an end. President President Nasheed in his first address gave a wording that touched many hearts and souls. "Be humble on success and be patient on failure."
The first problem was that not everyone in the government was ready to take that as a slogan. Many including some seniors were too keen to go on with retaliation, spread of hate against the previous government and its members. This specially was seen in the Parliament of the nation where the members took it as a platform to become famous and to give very bad accusations on each other.
Another problem was the salary cut he made and the  government's total rejection to repay it. This attracted the hate of many people to the government.
Some of the major projects were said to be going to the wrong hands in the wring manner. Government did not do enough to prove their innocence.
Some of the huge changes were made in a short period of time. This lead to mismanagement.

The opposition was provoked too much just with the confidence of the power at hand.
The Hulhule' Air Port, the health sector privatisation and MNBC were factors that contributed to the unexpected scenarios.
These are some reasons, and many more are there. Yet, the main reason of all was that some members of Maldives Police Service and MNDF joined the opposition for some reason or the other. Without this factor, the protests would have been just like any other protest in Maldives. I maybe standing against the whole public by saying this. Yet I feel sad, a government elected by the people was toppled by with the help of the police and military who are supposed to protect the government and the people. Today if you saw president Nasheed been brought down by the security persons of the nation, I will not be surprised to see many more been brought down the same way.

Ok, Now the government of president Nasheed is gone. What next?

This is the big question. What will happen.
Here are some things I feel we may see in this nation.
1- President Mohamed Waheed's government will not be stable, nor will it last long. Believe me the new president can not be in office till November 2013. The coalition will demand for early elections sooner than you think.
2- Some of the major decisions of president Nasheed will change. This includes, airport to GMR, Health cooperations, privatisation policy and very possible the working hours of government too.
3. Hey Adduan. Expect a change. Be ready to move back to Addu atoll.
4. Do not expect the government media to be free and fare. Specially the MBC that will come tomorrow.
5. The big business man in country stood up against the president Nasheed not out of love to nation, but out of self interest. The economic policy will change. I will not be shocked to see GST removed and moving back to the old import duty style.
6. Dhoogas in Addu Gan will most probably be taken from MVK group.
7. Mulee-aage will be the presidential residence. Ok ok Our merchant Gasim probably get finance ministry.
8. President Nasheed and the seniors of government will be arrested sooner or later and will face many accusations.
9. The political war will not end. Today the coalition maybe on their honeymoon. Yet don't expect any safe road to make a power share deal between some prominent figures in group like, president Maumoon, Mr. Gasim, Mr. Yaameen. Mr. Thasmeen, Dr. Munavvar and Skh. Shaheem.
10. I am not worried about anything as much as I worry about this. They like it or not, there is religious extremism in Maldives in the name of Islam. Now that Adhaalath was involved in the protests I am afraid the nation will be brought down to knees by the forces of religious extremism next.

At last.
Hat off to the President Nasheed for not using force to stay in power and proving that you really meant what you said. "Be humble on success and be patient on failure."
Congrats to the new president of Maldives Dr. Waheed. A man I see in media as humble and simple.

Photo: sun.mv