26 November 2008

Might or Right

I often wonder if we are thinking by our own or by others. Very often I see that what we do is not necessarily the right but we make it as right because they have the might to do so.

All these days we (if not all many) thought that Mr. Ibrahim Nasir had done wrong! Indeed we did even demonstrate against him. We said he killed innocent people in Huvadhoo. At that time for us it was right because he who had might said he was bad and a culprit of killing.
Suddenly last week we heard from the powerful people once again that he was right. We said he brought independence to us and laid the foundations of our social and economic development. So he was good this time because the powerful people said he was such a hero.
This is the case with many aspects in us.

Think of the taxi prices. Few months back when the drivers increased the taxi charges we said it was right as they had no other option due to increase in fuel prices. True. But now that the prices came down and now they say they can’t bring the taxi fares down as the inflation has increased over the period. Even now they are right because they have the power and might.

Our Citizens Majlis is said to be the strongest body in our country. They climb the table, they are right! They were so desperate to guarantee the rights of the citizens. So? So it was right. They give themselves salary in several thousands, still they were right! When they ignore the poor people of the country still they are right as the economy is so weak they can’t help to deal with the poor groups.
I am sure if we talk on this we can show many examples. I just have a single question on my mind. Do we believe in might or right?

12 November 2008

New terms

This time I present a list of few terms that we came across and got familiar during the political changes that our country saw. Guess this will be just a good idea to recall these once again.

1. Isthiufa- Before the political changes started most of the time this word will be heard from the International news, except a rare case where a minister resigns.

2. Golhaabo- This I heard was a nick name given in Huvadhoo Atoll for a person who steals Toddy from the coconut palm at night.

3. Nizaamee Nuguthaa- This was so famous among us, I wonder if any wife ever stopped her husband from divorcing her using a Niazaamee Nuguthaa!!! (Point of Order).

4. Membalhun- oh...........no comments.

5- Postmortem / autopsy- We got friendly with this term after late Hussain Solah case.

6. Madhanee Basneyhun- Something I never imagined in Maldives till I saw it. (civil disobedience).

7. Civil society- ............

8. Commission- example: Civil Service Commission, Human Rights Commission.

9. Inthigaalee- Transitional.

10- Ganjaa- Guess the last attack to Nasheed in the election. (Opium)

11. Manifesto- Day dreams or real dreams? I don't know!

12. Running mate- If your not one don't worry! Get married soon. Then you'd have one.

13. Iththihaadh- Coalition.

14. Minivian musthaggillu- Independent body.

15. Gaannoonee shakhsiyyathu- Legal identity

These are some terms that came to my mind. Surely there will be many more.

10 November 2008

DO And DON'T for Anni

Today the fourth president of this country will be taking the office. All these days we had been struggling to get rid of a regime that held its power for three long decades. Now that a new president is coming...
I give a warm welcome to our new president Mr. Mohamed Nasheedh
well in advance. I thank the outgoing president for at least accepting the defeat and moving away smoothly.
Yet, that is not all that I wont to say. Since Mr. Nasheedh is going to be leading the nation form tomorrow onwards I better talk of him rather than wasting my time talking about the "history." I'd put it as a DO and DON'T

Mr. Nasheedh, our president..............


1. Do fulfill your promise to rule on us with honesty, dignity and love.

2. Do bring the necessary changes to your cabinet and show us the "Quality Cabinet" (not the present party interest cabinet) that you promised.

3. Do try to make the Maldives Police Service a part of the Civil Services.

4. Do bring the mid term election as you promised.

5. Do privatize the government media and government businesses as soon as possible.

6. Do give a high priority to education system reforms and change the schools to single session.

7. Do have a plan of sending Maldivians to more authentic places like Saudi Arabia for Religious education.

8. Do make Theemuge the head office of the Maldives University as you promised.

9. Do implement a real and meaningful tax system as early as possible.

10. Do make the posts of Island Chief and Atoll Chief as elected posts


1. Don't keep any selected members in the parliament as it is against the democracy even if done by you.

2.Don't be a president who tries to do everything in a way that goes exactly opposite of what DRP do as earlier done in presidential/parliamentary vote.

3. Don't hesitate to make the decision of changing your cabinet to a more productive one.

4. Don't bow down in front of money or the wealthy people to forget the poor who are in need.

5. Don't expect the people to any longer stay quietly if your promises fail.

6. Don't stay long without giving a reasonable salary increment to the civil servants, yet Don't increase the salary of teachers as promised by Mr. Maumoon dating from August 2008 which will be an unequal deal on others of civil services.

7. Don't suppress the Sheiks in the country and don't give the "government sponsored Kuthubaa" for the Friday prayers.

8. Don't repeat the same mistake of dealing with people outside as "bai kulhandu madhu" people.

9. Don't use try to cheat the people as done before by changing the "name boards" of schools to colleges and health posts to medical colleges. (consider quality than quantity)

10. Don't be a man with a thousand faces to tell something different every other day.

These are something that I feel are very important.

09 November 2008

Mr. Nasheedh(Anni) divided the cake

Today we saw the Mohamad Nasheedh's (Anni) cabinet been announced.
There seems to be an equal distribution to every member of the coalition as expected.

1. Minister of Home Affairs: Qasim Ibrahim
2.Minister of Finance and Treasury: Ali Hashim
3.Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr. Ahmad Shaheedh
4.Minister of Islamic Affairs: Dr. Abdul Majeedh Abdul
5.Minister of Defence and National Security: Amin Faisal
6.Minister of Economic Development: Mohamad Rasheedh
7.Minister of Health and Family: Dr. Aminath Jameel
8.Minister of Economic Development: Mohamad Rasheedh
9.Minister of Tourism: Dr. Ahmadh Ali Sawaadh
10.Minister of Human Resources,
11.Youth and Sports: Hassan Latheef
12.Minister of Housing, Transport and Environment: Mohamadh Aslam
13.Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries: Dr. Ibrahim Didi
14.Minister of Civil Aviation and Communication: Dr. Mohamadh Jameel Ahmad
15.Attorney-General: Diyana

I would like to add just my view about this. This will surely be the best cabinet that we saw in any recent history of the nation. Congrats to Anni for the very well organised and equal distribution of the BIG CAKE.

I wish Gasim didn't take the post of home affairs, as many believes business man involving with political leadership is not good to a country. At least that's what I feel. Guess the only one who deserves a piece yet didn't get is Dr. Hassan. It will be very unfair to say he didn't get, rather he didn't take his part. I just have one question in my mind. Did Dr.Hassan stay aside to be away from the government with a wish and a hope to be our next president? Will it be a wise way to help himself rather than the nation when our country is in need of people like him who have the potential? Whether someone likes it or not, wants it or not Mr. Nasheed is going to be our president in just 2days.
This is not a time to "act like kids"or to promote ourselves. What do you say!!!

08 November 2008

My dhivehi blog މަގޭ ދިވެހި ބުލޮގު

Its been around 100 days since I started blogging with blogspot. So, now I guess I should blog in Dhivehi too. So here is my Dhivehi blog which I tried to make as good as I could. Hope my Dhivehi blog too will be progressing day by day.


The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon. (4)

Development is what everyone looks forward to. It is the dream of every person, family, society and nation to develop in one way or the other. However, achieving development is easier to be said than done.

Read the story fully before you judge the story.

This country is experiencing one of the very important historical changes. After a long three decades of rule by a single person, we are going to see a new president soon on 11Th November 2008. Surely this is a result of a lot of hard work. A fruit we got from a long waiting and by the toiling of several Maldivians. In the process have we got the lessons that are to be learnt?
As far as I believe, the best achievement we Maldivians got in this process of change is to get the right to express ourselves. And this is something that we can never afford to lose.

Are we however using this right properly? Do we enjoy this freedom as we should? I really doubt about it. Of cause there are reasons for me to say so.

We still seem to be struggling to understand what this freedom is about. It is not just talking about someone or not talking about someone. Many of us still tends to believe that freedom of expression is all about blaming Maumoon or his DRP and praising Mohamed Nasheed(Anni) or his MDP. Yet we still are unable to understand that the opposite of it also is part of freedom of expression. There should be chance to express our views and ideas about anyone regardless of the party or position. If you really want to know that what I am saying is right, have a look at my previous post without reading the comments that I got and then come back to this post.

................. ........................ .................... ......................... ..................

Now tell me! Am I a member of MDP or DRP? If not a member, which party do I support? I bet most of you will answer as I support DRP. That is why I am saying that the wheel is turning backwards. An article that someone writes is not simply a mere excuse for us to decide that he is a MDP or DRP person or he is a "bad guy or good guy". That will be like judging the book by its cover.
As the country goes under changes, we need to be able to look back and learn from the past.
I'd give you an example. Ma votaa Shareef or Addu Shareef was one of the top figures in MDP once, but now he now is the neuron Shareef for the MDP members. So is the case with case with Zaki who once was the planning minister yet now is the traitor and culprit of everything bad according to DRP.
Is this how it should be? Not at all. If someone is doing the right thing by been a member of MDP, DRP or any other party, that doesn’t matter. It still should be accepted as right. If he is doing the wrong, regardless of who he is, it must be wrong. The important part is that we need to understand this reality.
If we say we won’t to have a democratic country, we should be ready to accept criticisms too. The right to express is not a free grant. It comes with the obligation of responsibility as well. I see the right to express been practiced everywhere, yet hardly see the responsibility of accepting the others right to express been respected.
This is not how it must be. We need to fix this soon

05 November 2008

Anii Just SHUT UP Your Mouth!!!

Yesterday the Maldivian High Court reported that the case against the president elect Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) was rescheduled because he did not turn out.
This became a very annoying news for many Maldivians. Especially for people who tried so much to see that he wins the election. For them it will be very much disturbing when they see him been dragged to the courts even after been elected as a president. Indeed, many says the case should be withdrawn.
I disagree. Let me tell you the reasons.

1. All these days we were saying that Maumoon was above the law. If so, even after experiencing the toughness of that regime, are we going to keep Anni also above the law??? That's insane.

2. If Anni is the president of the Maldives, he will be the president of mine too as I too am a Maldivian. I had enough of a dirty background regime. At least go to court and prove that he is not guilty of a wrongdoing. Whats the big deal in it???

3. Anni always promised to be "at the reach of the people". If so, this is high time that he mean what he said and appear in the court and prove to us that he is really "our president". Why cant he prove it to us???

4. If supporters of Anni believes that it is not in the national interest for him to go and answer the court of justice, what on earth is the democracy that we were trying to get so much with so much of pain???

5. Anni did not go to court. Nor did he give a proper excuse. The excuse that Mr. Zaki gave is simply going against democracy. Why do we try to make democracy as an excuse for every action and reaction of us???

6. All these days we said Maumoon uses power. We said he breaks the rule. Now the courts are independent and free of influence. What is Anni doing by not turning to court? Isn't that breaking the law???

You can answer it by been very honest to your nation and yourself.
My point is very simple. Anni needs to be well answerable to two things. First why he went against the court order. Next he needs to be answerable to the case that is raised against him and prove to the public if he is giulty or not. If Anni fails to do it, he better just shut up his mouth and stop talking about democracy.