09 November 2008

Mr. Nasheedh(Anni) divided the cake

Today we saw the Mohamad Nasheedh's (Anni) cabinet been announced.
There seems to be an equal distribution to every member of the coalition as expected.

1. Minister of Home Affairs: Qasim Ibrahim
2.Minister of Finance and Treasury: Ali Hashim
3.Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr. Ahmad Shaheedh
4.Minister of Islamic Affairs: Dr. Abdul Majeedh Abdul
5.Minister of Defence and National Security: Amin Faisal
6.Minister of Economic Development: Mohamad Rasheedh
7.Minister of Health and Family: Dr. Aminath Jameel
8.Minister of Economic Development: Mohamad Rasheedh
9.Minister of Tourism: Dr. Ahmadh Ali Sawaadh
10.Minister of Human Resources,
11.Youth and Sports: Hassan Latheef
12.Minister of Housing, Transport and Environment: Mohamadh Aslam
13.Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries: Dr. Ibrahim Didi
14.Minister of Civil Aviation and Communication: Dr. Mohamadh Jameel Ahmad
15.Attorney-General: Diyana

I would like to add just my view about this. This will surely be the best cabinet that we saw in any recent history of the nation. Congrats to Anni for the very well organised and equal distribution of the BIG CAKE.

I wish Gasim didn't take the post of home affairs, as many believes business man involving with political leadership is not good to a country. At least that's what I feel. Guess the only one who deserves a piece yet didn't get is Dr. Hassan. It will be very unfair to say he didn't get, rather he didn't take his part. I just have one question in my mind. Did Dr.Hassan stay aside to be away from the government with a wish and a hope to be our next president? Will it be a wise way to help himself rather than the nation when our country is in need of people like him who have the potential? Whether someone likes it or not, wants it or not Mr. Nasheed is going to be our president in just 2days.
This is not a time to "act like kids"or to promote ourselves. What do you say!!!


  1. ur ryt a.l.g!!!we really want 2 c dr.hassan in da new cabinet..but i think he must have refused

  2. Its not only Gasim whose a businessman, also Mohamed Aslam is one of the Director of Le' cute. But still its good right. Hassan might be an advisor to president and that way also i think he can serve.
    These days its very difficult to believe anyone, I heard that DR.Hassan had made an agreement with Universal. For now I believe that it is possible, since i havn't heard anything from them about how they are able to spend so much in their campaign.


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