The Wheel is turning backwards… We need to fix soon. (4)

Development is what everyone looks forward to. It is the dream of every person, family, society and nation to develop in one way or the other. However, achieving development is easier to be said than done.

Read the story fully before you judge the story.

This country is experiencing one of the very important historical changes. After a long three decades of rule by a single person, we are going to see a new president soon on 11Th November 2008. Surely this is a result of a lot of hard work. A fruit we got from a long waiting and by the toiling of several Maldivians. In the process have we got the lessons that are to be learnt?
As far as I believe, the best achievement we Maldivians got in this process of change is to get the right to express ourselves. And this is something that we can never afford to lose.

Are we however using this right properly? Do we enjoy this freedom as we should? I really doubt about it. Of cause there are reasons for me to say so.

We still seem to be struggling to understand what this freedom is about. It is not just talking about someone or not talking about someone. Many of us still tends to believe that freedom of expression is all about blaming Maumoon or his DRP and praising Mohamed Nasheed(Anni) or his MDP. Yet we still are unable to understand that the opposite of it also is part of freedom of expression. There should be chance to express our views and ideas about anyone regardless of the party or position. If you really want to know that what I am saying is right, have a look at my previous post without reading the comments that I got and then come back to this post.

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Now tell me! Am I a member of MDP or DRP? If not a member, which party do I support? I bet most of you will answer as I support DRP. That is why I am saying that the wheel is turning backwards. An article that someone writes is not simply a mere excuse for us to decide that he is a MDP or DRP person or he is a "bad guy or good guy". That will be like judging the book by its cover.
As the country goes under changes, we need to be able to look back and learn from the past.
I'd give you an example. Ma votaa Shareef or Addu Shareef was one of the top figures in MDP once, but now he now is the neuron Shareef for the MDP members. So is the case with case with Zaki who once was the planning minister yet now is the traitor and culprit of everything bad according to DRP.
Is this how it should be? Not at all. If someone is doing the right thing by been a member of MDP, DRP or any other party, that doesn’t matter. It still should be accepted as right. If he is doing the wrong, regardless of who he is, it must be wrong. The important part is that we need to understand this reality.
If we say we won’t to have a democratic country, we should be ready to accept criticisms too. The right to express is not a free grant. It comes with the obligation of responsibility as well. I see the right to express been practiced everywhere, yet hardly see the responsibility of accepting the others right to express been respected.
This is not how it must be. We need to fix this soon