10 November 2008

DO And DON'T for Anni

Today the fourth president of this country will be taking the office. All these days we had been struggling to get rid of a regime that held its power for three long decades. Now that a new president is coming...
I give a warm welcome to our new president Mr. Mohamed Nasheedh
well in advance. I thank the outgoing president for at least accepting the defeat and moving away smoothly.
Yet, that is not all that I wont to say. Since Mr. Nasheedh is going to be leading the nation form tomorrow onwards I better talk of him rather than wasting my time talking about the "history." I'd put it as a DO and DON'T

Mr. Nasheedh, our president..............


1. Do fulfill your promise to rule on us with honesty, dignity and love.

2. Do bring the necessary changes to your cabinet and show us the "Quality Cabinet" (not the present party interest cabinet) that you promised.

3. Do try to make the Maldives Police Service a part of the Civil Services.

4. Do bring the mid term election as you promised.

5. Do privatize the government media and government businesses as soon as possible.

6. Do give a high priority to education system reforms and change the schools to single session.

7. Do have a plan of sending Maldivians to more authentic places like Saudi Arabia for Religious education.

8. Do make Theemuge the head office of the Maldives University as you promised.

9. Do implement a real and meaningful tax system as early as possible.

10. Do make the posts of Island Chief and Atoll Chief as elected posts


1. Don't keep any selected members in the parliament as it is against the democracy even if done by you.

2.Don't be a president who tries to do everything in a way that goes exactly opposite of what DRP do as earlier done in presidential/parliamentary vote.

3. Don't hesitate to make the decision of changing your cabinet to a more productive one.

4. Don't bow down in front of money or the wealthy people to forget the poor who are in need.

5. Don't expect the people to any longer stay quietly if your promises fail.

6. Don't stay long without giving a reasonable salary increment to the civil servants, yet Don't increase the salary of teachers as promised by Mr. Maumoon dating from August 2008 which will be an unequal deal on others of civil services.

7. Don't suppress the Sheiks in the country and don't give the "government sponsored Kuthubaa" for the Friday prayers.

8. Don't repeat the same mistake of dealing with people outside as "bai kulhandu madhu" people.

9. Don't use try to cheat the people as done before by changing the "name boards" of schools to colleges and health posts to medical colleges. (consider quality than quantity)

10. Don't be a man with a thousand faces to tell something different every other day.

These are something that I feel are very important.


  1. tHIS IS A RESPONSE I HAD TRIED TO SEND TO DO, TO THIS ARTICLE- http://doreview.blogspot.com/2008/11/gayyoom-says-sorry.html


    "wot the fok ru people still talking about??..he has been brought down, so now we can all put a stop to the propaganda acts

    this not Pinochet's reign of terror wr talkin about.... there was never systemic torture of political prisoners, tyrannical oppression of the population by death squads.... yes there was State repression of dissent, yes there was his family and friends in cabinet (so naturally those who were not in such position of power, and who were therefore not his frnds had an issue with this)..

    i spent almost all my life in maldives, never hav i suffered under maumoon's "dictatorship".... the people who are doing all this shouting of justice to the "hundreds" who had "suffered: under maumoons "oppression" appear to be reading a transcript for a movie or a replay of historical events in other nations history...... oh pleaaase, thr was never anything to that extent in this country

    corruption and nepotism cannot be stopped anywhere, and its not like this country had anybody else who could hav done it any better when maumoon first took over.... this was a fokin fishin village, naturally when maumoon & co took over they did not feel a neccesity to let go.... this had ultimately become their undoing ofcourse.... but throughout the course of 30yrs this country has made many strides..... and its not like the government thats about to take over will be any less corrupt.. look at their cabinet!

    so just shut the fok up wll all of you... stop looking behind and take this country forward... help anni and his government by taking part in nation building, insetad of re-enacting the same old drama.... the 30yr opressed bullshit

    if this country has remained stagnant on the road to economic and social prosperity we ALL bear the responsibility of it... you fokers expect the government to do everything while you all crowd the beach side cafes and smoke and chew nuts, text these flaky comments of " justice" through your over-the-wage cellfones??

    get off ur asses, and stop with this oppression bullshit. there was never anything to this extent...it is in our blood to see all symbols of authority lynched on the streets of maale

    i forgive maumoon for whatever injustices may hav been inflicted on us, and i accept his graceful defeat, and i am thankful for what ever good he has done for this country, while the rest of us did nothing for it....

    sod off, the lot of u

    All the best to the next government"


  3. as usual i am finding the timing and gist of this article disturbing...

  4. Thank you for the comments. Recently I have been marked as a follower of Maummon by some and as a follower of Anni by some. Well, I am not someone who gets involved with parties or riots, nor am someone who is involved with the outgoing president. Yet, I do criticize both the government and the opposition where I feel is necessary. Often I try to talk about some or few aspects that others seem to not bother much. Whatever, my political standing is not what is important. To the comment that "THIS SITE IS ALSO CENSORING COMMENTS??"...
    I kindly apologize that sometimes it may take a while to be published, yet I don't censor any comments. I do welcome any comment whether it be a comment, complement or criticism as long as it is withing the borders of Islam and the constitution of Maldives.So far I have not censored or deleted a single comment thank you all once again.

  5. I complement the blog for a new perspective to events that's unfolding. Brilliant!

    We live in strange times. A relatively slim majority here voted for change. Perhaps a huge runaway majority within this slim majority voted for “any change” – a change for change’s sake, good or bad.

    Our new President is a relative unknown to many; we think now, at last we have some concrete action or decission to opinion about him – his cabinet. Even though at first glance, some might assume that in these elections, there is a bigger winner than the President – himself, I for my part would like to reserve my opinion until our dear leader has had more time.

    It would serve the president well to tap into the limitless resources of Islam, to Govern his 100% Muslim state. This is, in the final analysis his duty as a person who professes that there is No deity but Allah and that Prophet Mohammed is his Messenger. Its encouraging that President Anni has the services of seemingly genuine islamic scholars to guide him. Alhamdulillahi!

    Insha Allah a new era is ahead of us, where we both individually and as a nation would Insha Allah be drawn closer to Allah. May Allah please help our president to give us the leadership that would ensure that we become closer and closer to Allah and thus become better Muslims. Amin!


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