26 November 2008

Might or Right

I often wonder if we are thinking by our own or by others. Very often I see that what we do is not necessarily the right but we make it as right because they have the might to do so.

All these days we (if not all many) thought that Mr. Ibrahim Nasir had done wrong! Indeed we did even demonstrate against him. We said he killed innocent people in Huvadhoo. At that time for us it was right because he who had might said he was bad and a culprit of killing.
Suddenly last week we heard from the powerful people once again that he was right. We said he brought independence to us and laid the foundations of our social and economic development. So he was good this time because the powerful people said he was such a hero.
This is the case with many aspects in us.

Think of the taxi prices. Few months back when the drivers increased the taxi charges we said it was right as they had no other option due to increase in fuel prices. True. But now that the prices came down and now they say they can’t bring the taxi fares down as the inflation has increased over the period. Even now they are right because they have the power and might.

Our Citizens Majlis is said to be the strongest body in our country. They climb the table, they are right! They were so desperate to guarantee the rights of the citizens. So? So it was right. They give themselves salary in several thousands, still they were right! When they ignore the poor people of the country still they are right as the economy is so weak they can’t help to deal with the poor groups.
I am sure if we talk on this we can show many examples. I just have a single question on my mind. Do we believe in might or right?

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  1. Interesting. In the examples that you mention I suspect we see fine examples of the "heard mentality". Often successful politicians are aware of this and they wait for the opportune moment to make their move.

    Generally to start the heard movement all it needs is some catchy phrase or catchy idea and thus to tap into a latent general perception. This is a mass movement, without any coherant thinking.

    Generally the masses in most countries follow this pattern. When one resists this heard mentality then one really rocks the boat and you are in for a torrid time.

    It’s also a sign that people are weak and often incapable of making up their minds on their own. Sadly the people let themselves be manupilated; forgeting that they can think on their own.

    The really successful "heard leaders" act in such a way that members of the heard feel that the ideas generated are their own, when in actual fact the ideas are generated at the heard head.

    The remedy to this as I see it, is education. In my opinion, not just any education but to educate one-self the Koran and Hadis, which should be the touchstone or yardstick for all other types of knowledge.

    But then, I’m biased because I want to and try to be a Muslim. Allah knows best.

    Allah Bless You.


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