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Majlis Drama. (new episode)

Yesterday, the new Majlis under the new constitution was sworn. I congratulate the newly elected president of Majlis Mr. Abdulla Shaahid and the vice president Mr. Ahmed Nazim. Now the question will be what else is to come! To put it in very simple terms I'd say, the game is going to get more than ever dirtier. Few things that I think we'd see in this Majlis are there. Now that it is very certain and clear that the government did not get the majority, we'd see a huge struggle to "cover up" the failure by some members of the government party. A main role in this will be played by members like Reeko Moosa and Maria. At the same time there will be a good enough bashes on government by the opposition members to prove the power of the opposition by members like Yaamin and Ali Waheed. This means that we are once again going to see a Majlis wasting time on point of orders( Nizaamee Nuguthaa ) and useless personal attacks on each other. Don't expect it to go any s


From my very childhood, I use to hear from the radio that its a big pride for the Maldivians that we have our own language. True I guess, but there is something else that they also say. They say our language is a mixture of many languages. I checked from a dictionary the definition of a language and there is one definition which goes like this..." any set or system of such symbols as used in a more or less uniform fashion by a number of people, who are thus enabled to communicate intelligibly with one another ." Now a simple question. Are we talking in Dhivehi? Sure, the answer will be YES! If I ask the same question once again, but this time are the Bangladeshis speaking in Dhivehi, what will be your reply? If so how are they talking? Surely we don't know their language. Also it is certain that they do talk us and we do understand what they say. As far the definition a language should be used by many people, I think 20000 plus humans are enough to be called '


Commissioner of Elections of Maldives announced the provisional results of the 2009 parlimentary elections. The ruling party (MDP) who has been promising the people that they will win 50 seats, to fulfill the 5 promises of the MDP won 26 seats only. The main opposition party DRP who said they wanted 60 seats to ensure the freedom, stability and Islam in Maldives got 28 seats. Bad news for both, but too bad for the government. Why did this happen? MDP The very low performance of the ruling party in the parliamentary election is something that the government needs to look at a bit more seriously. Mr Nasheed became the president of this country just 6months back, which means this election is simply a test on him. If not fully, surely he has slipped of and needs to regain the balance before its too late. The government needs to see why they failed to win 50 seats. I feel there are reasons for this. - MDP needs to show a real philosophy to its members. Not a philosophy where majority by gov

College Kudhinge Halhuthaalu?

Yesterday, around 100 or more students of Maldives College of Higher Education held a rally to bring to the attention, the problems we have faced in college. Of cause 100 students was not much when compared to the college population which is around 2700. This was the first time I ever participated in a rally like this. I felt it was quite different to other rallies that we see in our nation. 1. Few participated! Very less participated in our rally. Yes, 100 was so less, indeed a birthday party also could attract more. 2. Not a halhthaalu but a shu-ooru faalhu kurun! It was not a "halhuthaau" indeed, we say we just expressed our problems so that people will know whats going on. 3. No Isthiufaa! We did not call on the resignation of anyone. We only talked about the reality and requested to change it. Also it is true that we went for the rally only as the lender of last resort. 4. No personal attacks! Though there were many problems in college, in the rally that lasted for 2

Photo of the year 2009

Cant they just stay a bit nicely? Now its your turn. These are the top seven nominations. You decide the best. Dr. Hassan Saeedh- Maumoon Abdul gayyoom- Ibrahim Shareef- Gasim Ibrahim- Mohamed Nasheed- Ibrahim Ismail- Fathin Hameed-