College Kudhinge Halhuthaalu?

Yesterday, around 100 or more students of Maldives College of Higher Education held a rally to bring to the attention, the problems we have faced in college.
Of cause 100 students was not much when compared to the college population which is around 2700.

This was the first time I ever participated in a rally like this. I felt it was quite different to other rallies that we see in our nation.

1. Few participated! Very less participated in our rally. Yes, 100 was so less, indeed a birthday party also could attract more.

2. Not a halhthaalu but a shu-ooru faalhu kurun! It was not a "halhuthaau" indeed, we say we just expressed our problems so that people will know whats going on.

3. No Isthiufaa! We did not call on the resignation of anyone. We only talked about the reality and requested to change it. Also it is true that we went for the rally only as the lender of last resort.

4. No personal attacks! Though there were many problems in college, in the rally that lasted for 2hours, no one including the college lecturers, management team, or the government members were attacked.

5. Less media attention!yes, only few media personals were seen. One reason will surely be the small size. Another reason is that "it was not a good strike type". Ya, no blaming and no screaming and no personal attacks. Haveeru did cover the news TVM and VTV was there too. Sun fm said it in headlines.

Not because I was there, but I genuinely think that this was one of the model strikes in Maldives. A clear message to the whole society that expressing a feeling does not mean attacking another. Maybe be one day, we'd realize this and bring back the societal features that we now lack in our society. Maybe one day, the members of our media too will realize the fact that we should not be looking at who says something, but we should see whats is been said.