From my very childhood, I use to hear from the radio that its a big pride for the Maldivians that we have our own language. True I guess, but there is something else that they also say. They say our language is a mixture of many languages.

I checked from a dictionary the definition of a language and there is one definition which goes like this..."any set or system of such symbols as used in a more or less uniform fashion by a number of people, who are thus enabled to communicate intelligibly with one another."

Now a simple question. Are we talking in Dhivehi? Sure, the answer will be YES! If I ask the same question once again, but this time are the Bangladeshis speaking in Dhivehi, what will be your reply? If so how are they talking? Surely we don't know their language. Also it is certain that they do talk us and we do understand what they say. As far the definition a language should be used by many people, I think 20000 plus humans are enough to be called 'many people'. We also to understand what they say.

Add to that, if I start talking like....aharen hunaanee mihen nubunan...ekamaku nubune kon vaththaru hunnanee...huri haa meehun mi vaththaru vaahaka dhakkanee...mi vathatharu bas annanee dho beybey...dhen ma kiyanee mi new banagaalee bas vaththaru Maldives thibenee...... you'd surely say I am talking as if a Bangladesh person. If we are happy to agree that it is their way of speaking and their language, are we ready to accept that a new language is evolving among us.

Today, the young generation, if not purposely, at least for a fun started using this way of talking. I think we should call this new language Dhivengaalhu as its formed by the people of Maldives and Bangladesh. Anyhow, this is just an idea.


photo: www.intersolinc.com