Majlis Drama. (new episode)

Yesterday, the new Majlis under the new constitution was sworn. I congratulate the newly elected president of Majlis Mr. Abdulla Shaahid and the vice president Mr. Ahmed Nazim.

Now the question will be what else is to come! To put it in very simple terms I'd say, the game is going to get more than ever dirtier.

Few things that I think we'd see in this Majlis are there.

Now that it is very certain and clear that the government did not get the majority, we'd see a huge struggle to "cover up" the failure by some members of the government party. A main role in this will be played by members like Reeko Moosa and Maria.
At the same time there will be a good enough bashes on government by the opposition members to prove the power of the opposition by members like Yaamin and Ali Waheed.
This means that we are once again going to see a Majlis wasting time on point of orders(Nizaamee Nuguthaa) and useless personal attacks on each other. Don't expect it to go any soon. We'd see this throughout this Majlis.

It is also true that the oppositions will throw stones at the government every now and then. So, few no confidence motions are very likely. This most probably will include the State minister Abdulla Shahid, Minster of Defence Mr. Amin Faisal and of cause I am afraid the name first ever independent Auditor general of Maldives Mr. Ibrahim Naeem too may appear.

The most interesting part of the new Majlis will be the story of Former president Maumoon. The first will be the Protection and Benefits to the Former President. This is believed to including giving him the honour name of "President", Immunity, and set of allowances and other benefits. This will be where the dirty mouths of MDP will be found. A tsunami of personal attacks on Maumoon and his followers will be seen. This will be passed with many changes.
Then will come the other episode of Maumoon, this could be the case that Reeko Moosa has filed to Majlis
floor to check and investigate the alleged corruption by the former president Maumoon. This time a tsunami of personal attacks on MDP and president Nasheed will be from DRP and the dirty mouths of their members too will be revealed. Yet, this will not be passed, in the given situation.

I bet a lot more is to come. This is just few highlights that I think many people will be seen in near future. Now get some snacks and get ready to watch these drama.