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My Dear Son

My dear son, Today we live in an ever changing world, where you need to always hope for the best and expect the worst. You got to be ready to face very many unexpected things in life, yet always remember that you have a future ahead of you. Nothing other than the taste of death is a reason to stop going. You got to go ahead regardless of any hindrance you may face or your frustrations telling you that its time to give up. Today, finding the right path is a tough a job than finding water in a desert. Remember. Truth is always truth no matter what. One lie that you makes will lead to you having to repeat it several more times in life. Never choose to end up your life in that viscous cycle. The worst lie to utter in a humans life will be to deny the truth of Islam. The most true statement you could say is "There is no god but Allah. Mohamed is the messenger of Allah". Fashion and trends are a big thing is today's world. You can follow the fashions and trends, but al