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Writer's Block

It was July 2008 that I started with this blog. Since then, I try to share what interests me, what disturbs me, or what I feel that people maybe interested to read. As days passes, as more and more articles comes and goes, there are times that I totally go blank. Times where I feel I ran out of topics to post on. At least the whole of June 2010 went without me writing a single article. It was recently that I came to learn that this is something common. Well, a common factor known as Writer's block. According to dictionary a writer's block is "A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing." So I tried to get some information regarding it and here is what I came to know. Writer's block. Writer's block or the writer's temporary inability to continue with his/her writing is a situation very often faced by writers. A dream no writer wishes to see. Many are faced with this problem and some desperate to find a solutio