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HAPPY 100TH POST.... Happy 2011 and Happy Four Stars.

Happy 2011 First of all, wish you all a very happy new year. I Hope this 2011 will be a better year for all of us in all the ways. I hope I was able to write some articles that you enjoyed in this year and hope I can write more in the year ahead. HAPPY 100TH POST Now, this post sure is an important milestone that I was able to reach. Reaching a 100 post, I feel is good level to reach. In the past two and half years as a blogger, I was able express my opinions in various different issues on different occasions. Mostly I tried to focus on political, economical, social and educational issues. I will not say I was able to write in every issue in the best interest of the society, but surely I tried on it. It all began about a 30 months back when a close friend of mine introduced her blog to me and encouraged me to start with one of my own. Then came my own brother who showed his blog. That was the day the decision was made and the same day I put my 1st post on my blog. Today, I thank both

What my nation didnt tell me...

Did you know? The first bank we Maldivians had was a branch of State Bank of India in 1974. And then, the first ever golf course in Maldives was a golf course in Kuredu Island resort. That was in 2002. Once I came across this photo on facebook. Look at that photo carefully. The date goes something like 196.. Well, it is the first bank in Maldives. If people who write history thinks that was an unlawful bank by an unlawful government, fine, say so. Write that the first bank in Maldives was The People's Bank of Addu Atoll, and then write that this bank was made during a period where the four Atolls were calming themselves as an independent nation which the Maldivian government takes as illegal. However you may describe it, do not hide the fact that SBI was the second bank in Maldives. The bank been formed by an illegal government does not stop it from been a bank. You can not say I am not dead if someone kills me, just with the excuse that killing is illegal. :) Then about the golf c

A Walk on "a journalist's slipper".

It was the mid of the November. School vaccation. I was like bored to tears at home. I don't go out much. You could call me a kid, yet I don't care, I spend most of the time inside my home. One such day, as I sat in the sitting room, I saw this advertisement on MNBC about a basic journalism course. God only knows if I even spent a single minute to think if I'd join it or not. I am sure, withing 5Min's after I saw the advertisement, I noted my name in the list. Then I came here to Male'. Well, be frank, I was looking for a visit somewhere just for a change in environment. This sounds to me like killing two birds with a single stone. A small course that could add some knowledge to me as well as a change of the environment for a break. Many questioned why I had to do this course. Are you mad to do a stupid certificate level course on journalism after your degree in teaching? Are you crazy to spend MRF2500 for a 10days course? Are you going to do a course on eating and

A Day in Addu City Hospital

I belong to Addu. I love my atoll, and yes, my island too. What I love about Addu Hithadhoo the most is that we always know Hithadhoo is the second most developed island in nation. Yes the next best to the capital Male'. So, a week back, i spent quiet a lot of time in Hithadhoo Regional Hospital as one my my aunts was admitted there. Here, I'd like to share few photos that we got during our stay. Thanks to Shamin for the help. BIO HAZARDS. I'd not be shocked to see this label "BIO HAZARDS" in a hospital, but I couldn't understand how I could explain me seen this just next to the cot where a new borne baby was sleeping. I don't know, the dictionary puts it this way. "a biological agent or condition (as infectious organism or insecure laboratory procedure)that constitutes hazard to human or environment " Baalidhee Hospital No comments!!! ...not to mention this is a common factor, and the computer used in the reception(which is said to be the fac

Learning the calender

Long back, as a small child, I once heard my father citing Mr. Mohamed Jameel Didi (May Allah Bless him) as saying in a lecture in SAEC...... "One day, every single day of your calender will be named..." I used to wonder if it will happen! If it happens, will we need a calender anymore!! Like now we say Sunday....Monday...Tuesday etc.. we could go on reading all the 365 names. Suddenly, this thought disturbed me tonight, and I just gave a try. Here it goes. :) And I have included 3 days that we celebrate in Maldives with according to the solar calender. I guess its real long, yet for me, at least I felt its worth to have a list. January 1- World Peace Day / Global Family Day / New year day 5 - World Environment Day 6 - World Day - War Orphans 10- World Laughter Day 26- International Customs day 27- International Holocaust Remembrance Day 28- Data Protection Day 30- World Leprosy Eradication Day February 2- World Wetland Day 4- World Cancer Day 6