A Walk on "a journalist's slipper".

It was the mid of the November. School vaccation. I was like bored to tears at home. I don't go out much. You could call me a kid, yet I don't care, I spend most of the time inside my home. One such day, as I sat in the sitting room, I saw this advertisement on MNBC about a basic journalism course.

God only knows if I even spent a single minute to think if I'd join it or not. I am sure, withing 5Min's after I saw the advertisement, I noted my name in the list.
Then I came here to Male'. Well, be frank, I was looking for a visit somewhere just for a change in environment. This sounds to me like killing two birds with a single stone. A small course that could add some knowledge to me as well as a change of the environment for a break.

Many questioned why I had to do this course. Are you mad to do a stupid certificate level course on journalism after your degree in teaching? Are you crazy to spend MRF2500 for a 10days course? Are you going to do a course on eating and drinking water tomorrow? Cant you do an accredited course? These are few questions that I came across from many friends of mine. Yet, I was never ready to give up. I knew two things for sure.

1. A knowledge gained will not be a harm to me. One day or the other I may need it.
2. Me doing just a bachelors degree in teaching does not make me "fit for everything". Maybe it prepares me for teaching, but surely does not and will not make me a mason, a carpenter, a journalist etc...

With this intention, I did the course. A basic journalism course organized by Shaheeb Media Consultancy with the cooperation of Polytechnic and MNBC. Tell the truth, I did enjoy the course. Surely with every lesson and every lecturer I did learn a lot. I am not here to promote the course, nor here to advertise the firm. So, let me share with you what I enjoyed the most.

The practical:
OK, The lecturer calls this as "walking on a journalist's slipper". I guess the name well fits. For the out door practical, we all were taken to K. Villingili (ok ok, Vilimale' as they say). Task was simple and very open ended. "Now your in an Island, each of your now having a journalist card. Make a good and valid newspaper report."

Here is my experience. I went with 2 other boys. We decided on making a report about the crimes in the island.
Around 9:15, we went to Police Station of the island. Oooooooooops. He corrected me even. Not an island, but a ward of Male'. Station in-charge was out for a break or something. Ya, just less than 2hrs after office hours began. Let it be, its police. After all, he came after about 10Min's when they called and informed him of our presence. He was cool. Answered every single question we asked. Anyway, he doesn't have to worry since we told him we are just students of journalism. He gave a pretty good picture about the problems and how it is arising. The basic idea was that crimes are there, yet, almost 90% of them are directly linked to the crimes in Male'. There is something like a branch for every single gang that operates in Male' to the Villimale too. Sports facilities are poor, and youth has nothing to do specially at night.

Around 10:00 we went to the social center, the place was closed, though the according to opening hours displayed it must be open. We did hear that the lights in the football pitch are out of order. We went to check on it. No it was not out of order actually. Some were not there, and even in the lights that were seen, there was no wire connected. From the public we came to know it is in the same condition for at least few months. We did talk with many people that we came across, just to get an idea what public thinks.

Around 11:00 went to the Villimale' Avashu Office. Met some seniors there. We asked about the crime rate. What should I say? OMG LOL :P ???? There is no crimes here, we can say this is almost a crime free place. The youth are good, we don't have any gangs. I repeated...no gangs??? Yes, we don't have gangs here, this place is more secure, more peaceful and more a social life you could see in this place. I was told. I thought to myself. So, this is what it is about, Police said there are gangs, there are crimes, there are problems, and it is increasing. After just an hour or so, these people are saying, we are crime free a place.

I asked about social center. "It is open, even now it will be open". When we told him it is closed and there is no one in there, the music changed, "we actually don't have much demand, so we open only at afternoon hours."
We went to the football topic. "Yes, it is very well used." Do they have lights? "Oh Yes! they does, and even now they use to play at night." When told there is no wire connected to it...."actually it is the sports ministry mandate to look after these things." That gave me enough of an idea, what I was doing, and what I will be doing if I take this as a carrier.

I did enjoy the first steps on this arena, looks interesting, but I am a teacher. :)