20 December 2010

What my nation didnt tell me...

Did you know? The first bank we Maldivians had was a branch of State Bank of India in 1974.
And then, the first ever golf course in Maldives was a golf course in Kuredu Island resort. That was in 2002.

Once I came across this photo on facebook. Look at that photo carefully. The date goes something like 196.. Well, it is the first bank in Maldives. If people who write history thinks that was an unlawful bank by an unlawful government, fine, say so. Write that the first bank in Maldives was The People's Bank of Addu Atoll, and then write that this bank was made during a period where the four Atolls were calming themselves as an independent nation which the Maldivian government takes as illegal. However you may describe it, do not hide the fact that SBI was the second bank in Maldives. The bank been formed by an illegal government does not stop it from been a bank. You can not say I am not dead if someone kills me, just with the excuse that killing is illegal. :)

Then about the golf course. As I said before, the first ever golf course in Maldives was a golf course in Kuredu Island resort in 2002. How about this one?

As you could see from the photo it dates back to 06/05/1975. If so? I dont know. Maybe we can say the first commercial golf course was in 2002 and the first ever golf course in Maldives was by RAF who stayed in Gan, Addu.

Maybe and maybe, one day these will be questions for which we need to keep an answer for the next generations.

Note: the Photo of the cheque was taken from facbook. From the photos of Mr. Sheeraz Aziz

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