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“walking prison”

After reading this article on Economist , I felt it is worth to share.  Democracy is about a ruling of the country "by the people, to the people, of the people". That is what we often describes. Now the question will be what could be banned in a democracy? Simple! Anything that could harm himself or anyone else. Now the point is, does this famous Burugaa really harms anyone? It is not just about Buruga, anything that people uses that is linked to their faith should be respected in any civilized country. This could include the cross used by the Christians as well.  At least this is what I felt, and what you feel may be different. 


The reality of the illusion is that all lines are parallel. Specificity rule? The problem is not with the line!!! Its with your eyes.hehe:) While doing a module on International Economics, I came across the term Specificity rule which I think could give us a hint to better understand the situation of our problems as well. This is an economics term, yet, as long as it gives the message that I want to give, and you understand it, I am happy. Specificity rule states that any economics problem needs to be dealt by not looking at the mere problem, but by looking at the source of the problem. "The principle that the optimal policy for correcting a distortion is one that deals most directly, or specifically, with that distortion." (1) So, lets apply specificity rule on some of the issues in our society that disturbs and worries us.  1. Majlis . Please, for heaven sake don't ask me if we have problems in our Majlis. But why does it happen? Is it because of MDP or DRP? Is i

Long arm of the law

I am not here to explain to you what it is. I see a lot of people talking about the long arm. Many seems to take the words of Suoodh wrong. I will just present with 3 meanings. A dictionary meaning, an explanation of the origin of the term by ABC news and a poem on this. The dictionary meaning (,+the ) 1- The far-reaching power of the authorities. For example, You'll never get away with leaving work early; the long arm of the law is bound to catch you. This expression began as Kings have long arms (or hands) and was listed as a proverb in 1539. The current version, now often used lightly, was first recorded in 1908. An explanation of its origin by the ABC news. ( ) 2- A News Radio listener asks for the origin of the expression the long arm of the law – meaning (of course) that you can’t escape the reach of the law. Quotations expert Nigel Rees thinks all of these expressio


If I ask you do we Maldivians have or do you have Pogonophobia, the immediate reply will be a big "NOT AT ALL!!!". Will the answer be just the same easy if I ask you, how about me growing beard??? ..............................................................................................blank??? Pogonophobia is simply a fear of beards. Do we really have pogonophobia? Yes, we do. We really have it. Take a scenario. You get a Ronaldo cut. For the family and friends it's OK. You pray five times a day........... your very good. You wear most recent fashions and have a good french beard.........well then your so cool. You scream out at police and call them Golhaaboa(now Gnajaaboa?) have a good gut. You smooth shave......... oh salhi, haadha omaaney . You grow beard.....Oh my became a Wahhabi...or terrorist. So we fear the beard. Very often we link the guys with beards as terrorists, extremists or Wahhabi (you name it, its there)