29 June 2009

“walking prison”

After reading this article on Economist, I felt it is worth to share. 

Democracy is about a ruling of the country "by the people, to the people, of the people". That is what we often describes. Now the question will be what could be banned in a democracy? Simple! Anything that could harm himself or anyone else. Now the point is, does this famous Burugaa really harms anyone? It is not just about Buruga, anything that people uses that is linked to their faith should be respected in any civilized country. This could include the cross used by the Christians as well. 

At least this is what I felt, and what you feel may be different. 

17 June 2009


The reality of the illusion is that all lines are parallel. Specificity rule? The problem is not with the line!!! Its with your eyes.hehe:)

While doing a module on International Economics, I came across the term Specificity rule which I think could give us a hint to better understand the situation of our problems as well.

This is an economics term, yet, as long as it gives the message that I want to give, and you understand it, I am happy. Specificity rule states that any economics problem needs to be dealt by not looking at the mere problem, but by looking at the source of the problem.
"The principle that the optimal policy for correcting a distortion is one that deals most directly, or specifically, with that distortion."

So, lets apply specificity rule on some of the issues in our society that disturbs and worries us.

1. Majlis. Please, for heaven sake don't ask me if we have problems in our Majlis. But why does it happen? Is it because of MDP or DRP? Is it because the members are not good? Is it because they are stupid? Is it because they are so selfish? It can be any of those!!! However, the reality is, we did not use our vote wisely to elect a credible MP.

2. Drugs. Drugs nearly have destroyed a whole generation. Why are we still having the same problem even now? Before we said the last regime members were dealers. Now are we going to say that the present regime also started on drug business? Are we going to open more and more rehabilitation centers and watch another generation destroyed? Is it because of those "parteys"? Is it because of dealers. Maybe! However, the root cause for the whole drug issue in Maldives is that we are unable to stop it entering the country.

3. Crimes. Crimes are so common now. It is now more like a sport as we see the news of one crime or the other at every news hour. Who is to blame? Their parents? The government? The courts? The police? No, not really. The reason behind the repeated crimes is that they are not dealt properly. A honeymoon in jail will not do the magic. We need to strong and solid justice system which is also implemented. The real fact is that we do not punish the criminals. (Punishing and harming are two very different things.)

Now, with this three areas, I hope we will get a chance to better think of our problems we face and what really is wrong. One problem is that we just tend to believe whatever another person says. Specificity rule? you are not thinking on your own:).

1 . http://www.asiaecon.org/index.php/glossary/get_definition/Specificity%20rule

10 June 2009

Long arm of the law

I am not here to explain to you what it is. I see a lot of people talking about the long arm. Many seems to take the words of Suoodh wrong. I will just present with 3 meanings. A dictionary meaning, an explanation of the origin of the term by ABC news and a poem on this.

The dictionary meaning

( http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/long+arm+of+the+law,+the )

1- The far-reaching power of the authorities. For example, You'll never get away with leaving work early; the long arm of the law is bound to catch you. This expression began as Kings have long arms (or hands) and was listed as a proverb in 1539. The current version, now often used lightly, was first recorded in 1908.

An explanation of its origin
by the ABC news. (http://www.abc.net.au/newsradio/txt/s1531144.htm)

2- A News Radio listener asks for the origin of the expression the long arm of the law – meaning (of course) that you can’t escape the reach of the law.

Quotations expert Nigel Rees thinks all of these expressions ultimately derive from an old English proverb
It’s first recorded as the title of movie in 1956. But a century earlier, in Pickwick Papers Charles Dickens referred to “the strong arm of the law”. And then in The Mystery of Edwin Drood in 1870 Dickens got even closer to the modern expression when he wrote that “The arm of the law is a strong arm, and a long arm.” Quotations expert Nigel Rees thinks all of these expressions ultimately derive from an old English proverb (recorded from 1539) which says: “Kings have long arms, many ears, and many eyes.” Since in feudal times the king was the law it seems Rees is right – and the expression the long arm of the law grew from the proverbial “long arm of the king”.

3- A poem A teacher of mine showed me this poem on the topic and asked to read so I will know what it really means.
Its worth to read than trying with own guesses. (http://www.poemhunter.com/song/long-arm-of-the-law/)

Long Arm of The Law

In cumberland kentucky

On a cool hot evening

Billy lay in love with marrianne

She was a rich judge’s daughter

He was a son of a miner

But that night their love was more than they could stand

The judge said to his daughter

That son of that coal miner

Is someone you’ll go hell to leave alone

She knew his dad so well

She knew she couldn’t tell

But the truth was bound in show before too long

Their love had started growing on it’s own

You can’t out run the long arm of the law

No, you can’t out run the long arm of the law

Billy placed his hand on mary

And he felt the baby’s moving

Kissed her and said I’ll see you when I can

The judge had made a promise

When he caught up with billy

He’d sent him far away from marianne

The whole town knew he’d do it

Too many times he’d proved it

To at least a hundred men behind the wall

He’d smiled behind that frown

And when he brought that gavel down

He called himself the long arm of the law

And he’d set his mind on seeing billy fall

In a hot humid mine shack

A mid-white pulled the sheet back

And placed cool damp towel on marianne

Billy’s eyes were wide with wonder

From the spell he was under

When she placed the new born baby in his hands

He didn’t hear the siren

Just a baby’s crying

That miracle of love was all he saw

When the door came crashing down

And billy turned around

He felt the heart and soul inside him fall

He stood face to face

With the long arm of the law

You can’t out run the long arm of the law

No, you can’t out run the long arm of the law

You can hide out for a while

He says with a smile

But you can’t out run the long arm of the law

Seemed like everybody down in cumberland kentucky

Came out that day to see poor billy’s trial

The court was called to order

There sat the judge’s daughter

She looked so proud

Holding billy’s child

When they brought billy to him

The judge just look right thru him

As he held that holy Bible in his hand

And he smiled at his grandson

Then his eyes cut back to billy

And said I think this time

The law will understand

Son, I sentence you to live with marianne

You can’t out run the long arm of the law

No, you can’t out run the long arm of the law

He said to billy with a smile

I know you hide out for a while

Ah but you can’t out run the long arm of the law

No you can’t out run the long arm of the law

05 June 2009


If I ask you do we Maldivians have or do you have Pogonophobia, the immediate reply will be a big "NOT AT ALL!!!". Will the answer be just the same easy if I ask you, how about me growing beard??? ..............................................................................................blank???

Pogonophobia is simply a fear of beards. Do we really have pogonophobia? Yes, we do. We really have it.

Take a scenario. You get a Ronaldo cut. For the family and friends it's OK.
You pray five times a day........... your very good.
You wear most recent fashions and have a good french beard.........well then your so cool.
You scream out at police and call them Golhaaboa(now Gnajaaboa?) ......yea..you have a good gut.
You smooth shave.........
oh salhi, haadha omaaney.
You grow beard.....Oh my God...you became a Wahhabi...or terrorist. So we fear the beard.

Very often we link the guys with beards as terrorists, extremists or Wahhabi (you name it, its there). But is it really the truth?

This is the best guy right? Yes. He is the person with the beard who gets this name so often.

I have a simple question. Did his beard ask him to be anything? Or did it help him become anyone, whether it be terrorist, tourist or whatever (which I don't care)? I don't think anyone will say his beard asked him to do it. Is it really true that because someone with a beard do something wrong, and all who have beards will do the same? If so, the black Casio watch Usama uses will turn everyone else who uses those to terrorist!! Quite logical?

OK, you may not like Usaama much or some of you may have an already established anger or fear to him. So lets look at this guy.

Are you afraid of him? He is a good player. Did him having beard turn anyone with the beard to a football star? I doubt.

If then why do we fear beard?

This is because of halo effect : "An effect whereby the perception of positive qualities in one thing or part gives rise to the perception of similar qualities in related things or in the whole." (1)
It could go the same way to negative things as well.

Eg: All Muslims are terrorists. ( We hear this so often. What really happens is, when a Muslim does something wrong everyone puts the blame on ALL Muslims. Generalizing) Like wise, Muslims who got involved in terrorism happens to have beard.So we join the beard with the fear. At the end they have beards, so we hate or fear anyone who has a beard. So, we do have pogonophobia and it is because we, knowingly or unknowingly brings halo effect to it.




(1) http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/halo%20effect