If I ask you do we Maldivians have or do you have Pogonophobia, the immediate reply will be a big "NOT AT ALL!!!". Will the answer be just the same easy if I ask you, how about me growing beard??? ..............................................................................................blank???

Pogonophobia is simply a fear of beards. Do we really have pogonophobia? Yes, we do. We really have it.

Take a scenario. You get a Ronaldo cut. For the family and friends it's OK.
You pray five times a day........... your very good.
You wear most recent fashions and have a good french beard.........well then your so cool.
You scream out at police and call them Golhaaboa(now Gnajaaboa?) ......yea..you have a good gut.
You smooth shave.........
oh salhi, haadha omaaney.
You grow beard.....Oh my God...you became a Wahhabi...or terrorist. So we fear the beard.

Very often we link the guys with beards as terrorists, extremists or Wahhabi (you name it, its there). But is it really the truth?

This is the best guy right? Yes. He is the person with the beard who gets this name so often.

I have a simple question. Did his beard ask him to be anything? Or did it help him become anyone, whether it be terrorist, tourist or whatever (which I don't care)? I don't think anyone will say his beard asked him to do it. Is it really true that because someone with a beard do something wrong, and all who have beards will do the same? If so, the black Casio watch Usama uses will turn everyone else who uses those to terrorist!! Quite logical?

OK, you may not like Usaama much or some of you may have an already established anger or fear to him. So lets look at this guy.

Are you afraid of him? He is a good player. Did him having beard turn anyone with the beard to a football star? I doubt.

If then why do we fear beard?

This is because of halo effect : "An effect whereby the perception of positive qualities in one thing or part gives rise to the perception of similar qualities in related things or in the whole." (1)
It could go the same way to negative things as well.

Eg: All Muslims are terrorists. ( We hear this so often. What really happens is, when a Muslim does something wrong everyone puts the blame on ALL Muslims. Generalizing) Like wise, Muslims who got involved in terrorism happens to have beard.So we join the beard with the fear. At the end they have beards, so we hate or fear anyone who has a beard. So, we do have pogonophobia and it is because we, knowingly or unknowingly brings halo effect to it.




(1) http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/halo%20effect